3 Green Juices for Weight Loss

Weight loss has become one of the routines that are necessary to follow, particularity for the after-thirties. Having a fit body is not always about beauty, but health. While you have hard diets compelling you, there are healthy ways you can make your body fit and trimmed. Usually exercises, walking, and healthy diet juices are the best bet to consider. These make you fit, healthy, and slim. Here we have three amazing green juices for weight loss that are loaded with nutrients.

How it take Green Juices

Before you start with the healthy green juices for weight loss, it is necessary to know how to do it. First of all, you have to drink it on an empty stomach, preferably in the morning after you wake-up. Do not eat anything for 30 minutes after drinking these green juices. To enhance its nutrients, use freshly-bought fruits and ingredients. Take these juices for one month at least 5 days a week, to see the results. To support the green juices for weight loss, you have to maintain a healthy lifestyle with adequate exercises and food. If you have any chronic diseases, please consult your physician.

All of these amazing green juices are good for health as well as weight loss.

1. Cucumber-Pineapple Juice

A mixture of fruits and vegetables juices is the best. This green juice is a right blend of cucumber, pineapple and celery.  This juice is great for body detoxification. It has immense water content and enhances the diuretic properties, and decreases your body’s fluid retention. It also combats abdominal swelling, by adding fiber content to the body as it promotes intestinal transit.

For preparing this green juice, you require :

Medium size Cucumber (not peeled) – 1

Fresh Pineapple – 3 slices

Celery – 2 stalks


Mix all of these ingredients into a blender and smooth well. Take it in empty stomach.

2. Lemon-Parsley-Apple Juice

This is an efficient cleanser for the body. It has diuretic properties and promotes intestinal transit. It also quenches body appetite, and helps you burn lots of extra calories. On the nutrients side, it increases folic acid and vitamins intake for the body. This green juice is an ideal option for calorie burning juice.

Lemon (large) – 1

Celery – 1 stalk

Parsley – 1/4  Cup

Spinach – 5 leaves

Green apple – 1

Ginger – 1 piece


Squeeze the lemon and mix it with water. Peel the ginger and remove the seeds and skin from green apple. Add the chopped parsley, spinach and celery with other ingredients and blend well in a mixer or food processor. Drink immediately once prepared.

3. Lettuce Juice

Green juices for weight loss can be benefited with this excellent juice. All the ingredients of this green juice provides enough fiber and antioxidants for the body. This aids the best for weight loss.

To make this juice, you will need:

Kiwi fruit – 1

Spinach leaves – 5 (large)

Lettuce – 3 leaves

Mix together all the ingredients adding some water in a blender. Drink and enjoy its benefits.


You can have few substitutes for these fruits and vegetables, if they are not available.

  • Pineapple – pear, apple
  • Lettuce – other varieties of lettuce or spinach, chard
  • Parsley – mint, basil
  • Lemon – grapefruit, lime
  • Ginger – turmeric
  • Celery – cucumber, celeriac root



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