5 Essential Rules to Maintain Diabetes

Diabetes can be a nightmare for many at its onset. It takes right kind of diet and medications to keep your blood sugar levels under control. You would get so many advices for maintain your blood sugar. Are you pestered about eating too much sugar? Is someone saying you to give up your routine food diet? Well. Those things might be true to some extent. But it does not mean you have to do all what is said. In fact, we have plenty of myths circulating about diabetes among the common public about food and dieting. Here we have a useful guide to get your diabetes routine go smoother. The 5 golden rules mentioned in this post will help you keep your blood sugar level in check and maintain diabetes efficiently.

Plan your Diet

It does not mean that, after diagnosing diabetes, you have to give up all of your food routine. In fact, there are few things that require change depending on your blood sugar level. If you have severe hike, you need to be cautious in dealing with your diet. However, when you are in the initial stages having moderate levels of blood sugar, you need not worry much. The fundamental problem with diabetes is that your body loses its ability to convert food into energy. When you understand this you will get better with your diet. The key with diabetes diet is to eat less, and eat the right foods on time. You should not skip meals or include lots of carbohydrates in your diet. Instead, you can take proteins, and other foods such as broccoli, jamun, amla, methi, and bitter gourd.

Keep an eye on your Cholesterol Level

High cholesterol can be a major risk for diabetes patient. It increases the probability of getting heart diseases. Moreover, for diabetes patients it is hard to identify pain during a heart attack or heart pain. You have to be cautious in regulating your cholesterol levels in blood, especially the bad cholesterol or LDL. This can also be an alarm for increased blood glucose level in body. So, it is essential to keep a check on your cholesterol levels. Take frequent health check-ups to maintain good levels.

Hemoglobin A1C and Blood Pressure

Not many take the test for average hemoglobin A1c (or HbA1c) levels in the body. You should not go below 7 percent in three months average. This will ensure you to keep blood sugar level in control. If you ignore, consult your doctor to change medications.

Similarly, your blood pressure should also not go below 130/80 mm Hg. This will increase your health risks such as heart disease, eye problems, or kidney problems. Have a regular check of these tests frequently.

Exercise well and good

Regular exercise is a must for diabetes. You need not go for heavy exercises or else you might get deprived of your energy soon. Go for lightweight exercises, preferably long walks twice a day. This will help you stay healthy and keep you fit. Exercising for at least 60 minutes every day is a must to keep diabetes under control. Keep yourself physically active.

Insulin is never a game-changer

Never think you can use insulin to cover up your diet fallouts. You cannot eat whatever you want and get back to diabetes drugs for making up the loss. insulin is never a supplement. It cannot stabilize your blood sugar level after it got shot up.

Make sure to follow all of these rules if you have diabetes.


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