8 Foods that Cleanse Liver

Liver is the central organ that stimulates many functions of the body. It is important to keep your liver healthy. The bile production in liver regulates various body enzymes and keeps your blood sugar and cholesterol problems in control. Liver is the primary organ that removes body toxins and fat. Overworked and overloaded liver cannot effectively combat the body toxins. However, it is important to cleanse your liver for its efficiency. There are various methods of liver cleansing. But, simple diet modifications can benefit a lot in the long run. Here we have some foods that cleanse liver. Consuming these foods into your daily diet can be a simple and healthy alternative to liver-cleansing methods.


Grapefruits are rich in vitamin C and antioxidants that increases natural cleansing process in the body. Consuming a glass of fresh grapefruit juice can boost liver detoxification. It helps in stimulating the liver enzymes to flush out body toxins such as carcinogens.


Just a small dab of garlic can do wonders. It activates the liver enzymes and helps in flushing out body toxins. Also, garlic has high amounts of natural compounds such as selenium and allicin, which are essential for liver cleansing. Whole garlic cloves are the best option, instead of minced or powdered ones.

Green tea

Loaded with full of antioxidants, green tea is a great beverage for liver. It contains catechin, a compound which assists in liver functioning. Apart from flavoring and energizing your day, green tea improves your overall diet as well.

Beetroot and carrots

Foods rich in bioflavonoids promote liver functioning. Beetroots and carrots are extremely high sources of plant-flavonoids and beta-carotenes. These help in stimulating liver function in the body.


Apples contain high amount of pectin fiber, which is a soluble fiber that helps to remove body toxins and blood cholesterol. It is also rich in malic acid, which is a natural cleansing agent that removes toxins like carcinogens. They also have high amount of antioxidants that helps liver in its cleansing process.


Lemons are one of the natural cleansing foods. They contain lots of antioxidants and vitamin C, which benefits in aiding liver functioning. It is also a natural replacement to salt and is high in electrolytes. Lemons are alkalizing and help in neutralizing the body toxins efficiently.


These foods that cleanse liver naturally would stimulate the natural ability of liver and help in cleaning the toxic wastes from the body. You can also take addition liver-cleansing supplements if needed. However, regular eating of these foods would help in healthy liver functioning at its best.

Leafy Green veggies

Most of the leafy greens are great for liver health. Spinach, kale, collard greens are few which your liver would love to have. The dense nutrients in these veggies purify the blood. They are packed with chlorophyll that assists in liver functioning. Moreover these veggies help to neutralize the toxic chemicals and pesticides that harm the liver.


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