Benefits of Skipping Exercise

Benefits of Skipping ExerciseI do remember the good old times when we used skipping as a fun game. I never thought of it as an exercise during my childhood days. As we have lost so many of our native cultures and traditions, skipping games are also getting its traces wiped off. In few decades from now, skipping could never been seen among children. But do you know what this rope game does to your health? All of that jumping skips can burn lots of fat from the body as well as improve your health in various ways. Look ahead to know more about the benefits of skipping exercise.

Benefit of skipping exercise

Skipping exercise is not a new thing; but we had lost that good-old game, once we grow up. Here are few of the health benefits of skipping exercise.

  1. Skipping is best for your heart health. Regular skipping exercises during your young age can be a great benefit for you. It is a good cardio and high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workout.
  2. Jumping exercise with rope can burn more calories a day. For an estimate of an hour of skipping, you burn 1300 calories. Amazed? Right!! It is an effective fat-burner.
  3. Compared to running/jogging, skipping is a great outdoor fat-melting exercise. You can also do it in terrace or anywhere.
  4. Skipping tones your muscles, especially in your legs and belly. It can be used for endurance training. It improves hip-flexor muscles for efficiency.
  5. Skipping improves your foot balance, agility, and coordination. Most of the athletes do jump rope for their training workout.
  6. Skipping puts less pressure to your joints than running and so it is a better option for those who need low impact exercises.
  7. Skipping also improves heart beat rate and is great for cardiovascular health and so is beneficial for BP patients.
  8. Skipping also improves bone density.
  9. Skipping turns out to be a full-body workout. For teenagers, it helps in developing thighs and calf muscles. It is also great as arms and abs workout.
  10. Skipping is an inexpensive workout that can do by anyone, right from beginners to grown-ups. It is travel-friendly, as it fits to your handbags to use it elsewhere.

Now that you have known the benefits of skipping exercise, you can bring that rope back to your life.


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