Heal Yourself using Metabolic Therapy

Health issues do prevail for everyone, affecting the day-to-day life. Most of the times, due to the busyness of daily-life, it is quite common to experience fatigue and sleeplessness.  Our body’s metabolism is sure to get affected because of our diet routines, hormonal balances, nutritional supplements and other lifestyle factors. Low metabolic rate would bring various symptoms such as:

  • Low body temperature
  • Depression
  • Low memory power
  • Menstrual disorders and infertility
  • Dry or acne skin
  • Hair loss
  • Low BP and High BP

Metabolic therapy is one of the holistic therapies that restore the metabolic energy within the body system. The common types of metabolic therapy include Gonzalez Treatment, Kelley’s Treatment, Gerson Therapy or Issels Whole Body Therapy.

Low metabolic energy in the body is contributed through different body dysfunctions. The thyroid and adrenal glands play a major role in this aspect. As the thyroid gland cannot make enough T4 hormones, it slows down the brain activity. Similarly, when the adrenal gland function is affected, it affects the entire energy production within the body. The metabolic therapy corrects the poor adrenal and thyroid functions, and thereby eliminates the symptoms. The treatment involves special diets, including whole food, fresh fruits, vegetables, vitamins and mineral supplements.  Treating with metabolic therapy includes enzyme therapy, bowel washouts, removal of dental fillings, visualization, psychological therapy and stress reducing exercises.

  • Kelley’s treatment includes dietary supplements, detoxification, a restricted diet and prayer
  • Gonzalez Treatment includes extracts or concentrates from animal organs and digestive enzymes
  • Gerson Therapy has a dietary program, coffee enemas and various mineral or chemical supplements
  • Issels Whole Body Therapy requires the patients to remove teeth with dental fillings, strict diet, eliminate the use of tobacco, coffee, tea and other harmful substances

With such practices and diets, metabolic therapy is expected to remove the harmful substances from the body. It also strengthens the resistance of the body and increases immunity.

A proper diet routine with appropriate detoxification and elimination of biological agents within the body would improve the whole process. Also, successful treatment is possible through critical response of the body to mitigate its symptoms and signs of health problems.


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