Homemade Cucumber Eye Gel

Homemade Cucumber Eye GelThe cool and refreshing nature of cucumber can be a great soothing agent for this summer. Earlier, we have discussed lots of uses of cucumber, from detox waters to face packs.  However, here we are to discuss a simple and easy to do DIY eye gel made from cucumber. This Homemade Cucumber Eye Gel can be of many uses for the eyes.

It is common for the eyes to become stressed and tired during the hot summer weather. As a result, the eyes are prone to under-eye bags, redness, and under-eye dark circles. To eradicate and prevent any such damage to the sensitive area, we need to keep a good treatment. There could be lot many cosmetic eye gels that are both expensive and comes with chemically-induced ingredients. But having an easy DIY recipe can be natural and beneficial in all means. This Homemade Cucumber Eye Gel is not only effective but also safer to apply under the eyes. This gel is sure to make your skin moisturising and defend the signs of ageing.

Treating your skin with nature’s bounty is sure to make a prominent difference to your beauty regime. Cucumbers are an excellent source of Vitamin C, having anti-inflammatory and hydrating properties. This helps in eliminating puffiness and dark circles and which keeps your skin nourished from the damages of the environment.  The aloe vera gel provides improves skin elasticity, and soothes the irritated sensitive parts. Adding Vitamin E to the gel Vitamin is good to prevent skin ageing and shagginess. When your eyes are puffy and swollen, this gel will be greatly beneficial and effective.


Aloe Vera leaf gel – 1

Cucumber – 1

Vitamin E Capsules – 1 (optional but recommended)

Directions to use:

  • Take a fresh aloe vera leaf and scrape the gel from it. Keep this gel aside.
  • Take the cucumber, and peel it, and cut into cubes
  • Blend the cucumber into a puree form.
  • Strain the puree through a sieve.
  • Take a clean bowl and add the aloe vera gel into and take equal amounts of this cucumber juice.
  • Whisk it well until it blends together.
  • Add vitamin e tablets into it and mix well.
  • Pour and store in a clean container

The Homemade Cucumber Eye Gel can be stored under refrigeration. If you are using preserved aloe vera gel, you can store it for longer. Make sure not to use water while blending this will make the product get contaminated soon.

Clean your face well and apply this Homemade Cucumber Eye Gel under the eyes gently. You can use it regularly before going to bed. You can see visible results soon.


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