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Escape the Summer with these Refreshing Healthy Juices

As the scorching heat is getting higher this summer, everyone is prone to get tired and dehydrated. To combat the summer heat, it is essential to have a healthy fluid intake. Juices are the best...

Benefits of Papaya Juice 2

Health and Beauty Benefits of Papaya Juice

Papaya, also called the “Fruit of the Angels”, is widely known for its medicinal benefits since ancient times. The fruit is delicious to taste with seeds clustered in the center. It has rich antioxidants...

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Bitter Gourd Juice for Weight Loss

Bitter Gourd, which is scientifically called Momordica Charantia, is a nutrition-loaded vegetable. This Indian-origin vegetable is highly regarded for its health benefits and medicinal values. This vine has a very bitter taste, which is...