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How Fasting Benefits Health 0

How Fasting Benefits Health and Healthy Living

Fasting is usually associated with religious routine. Billions of people around the world are engaging in fasting as a faithful religious practice. They abstain from food and drink for varying time intervals, such as...

Aromatherapy for health problems 0

Essential Oils Aromatherapy for Health Problems

Alternative treatments are sought-after in the recent times. Among them, Aromatherapy is an age-old treatment that uses different essential oils to improve physical and emotional well-being. This had been in practice for more than...

Hair Health Habits to Reduce Hair Fall 1

Hair Health Habits to Reduce Hair Fall

There are so many reasons for hair loss. In spite of that, we have as many as home remedies as well. Even we had posted earlier about Beetroot hair mask for hair loss, garlic...