Tips To Take Care Of Your Skin In Winters

Winter is here. Dry and cold wind during winter isn’t good for your skin. It makes your skin look dull and it’s going to appear dehydrated. So it is time to take special care of your skin and have to follow some basic routines to keep your skin glowing even in this chilly weather.

Tips To Take Care Of Your Skin In Winters
Tips To Take Care Of Your Skin In Winters

1.Drink Water Regularly:

     It is very important to keep yourself hydrated especially during the winter season. During these days, we ignore drinking water as we feel less dehydrated, though we lose water from our body in so many ways without noticing it. Hence, it is important to load up on water even during cool winter days.

2. Choose An Accurate Cleanser:

       The wrong cleanser can worsen dry, itchy skin. For example, a daily cleanser may contain irritating ingredients and fragrances. Many soaps contain harsh chemicals which may damage your skin. Ingredients like fragrances and alcohol won’t do any favours for any cracked or dry skin. Because they strip away the natural oil from your skin. 

3. Exfoliate Your Skin Properly:

    Exfoliate your skin one or two times a week. It may be the best thing, when you have itchy and dry skin. There are many benefits once you prefer to exfoliate your skin during winter. It helps in getting rid of dead cells from your skin. During winter, you have to be very careful while you exfoliate your skin because your skin is already compromised due to cold weather. Avoid exfoliating, if you’ve got acne- prone skin.

4. Use LukeWarm Water:

During this season, if you like to get hot water shower seems tempting enough. But if you’re keen on  your skin please avoid them. Instead, use lukewarm water to scrub your face and to have showers. Hot waters may dry your skin quickly. If you don’t moisturize immediately your skin will develop cracks and eczema. After taking a lukewarm water shower, apply a moisturizer that contains ceramides and hyaluronic acid. This will keep your skin moisturized and prevents dryness.

5. Moisturize Frequently:

   Moisturizing is one of the most important steps to do to have a glowing skin in winter. It helps to keep your skin hydrated and ensure that the skin does not lose it’s natural oil. You can use a surplus of natural moisturisers like castor oil, olive oil, coconut oil, cucumber, buttermilk, etc. Don’t forget to moisturize your hands and feet also. Use oil based products instead of water based to keep correct hydrating oils in your skin.

6. Cover Yourself Properly:

   It is extremely important to protect your skin from the cold wind or snow or rain if you are moving out in winter. So wear caps, gloves, and a scarf to protect your hands and neck. Don’t forget to apply sunscreen lotion to cover your body. Because the UV rays can cause damage to your body and skin. Choose a sunscreen that has zinc oxide or titanium dioxide.

7. Follow A Healthy Diet:

       Your skin care routine must include the consumption of healthy foods. This winter, you can intake foods like carrots, almonds, spinach,etc. to protect your skin from the attack of free radicals. These foods contain a variety of essential nutrients which will repair your skin and ward away the paleness from your complexion.

   Therefore, follow these tips to take care of your skin during this winter to keep your skin healthy.

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