Licorice Root Health Benefits

licorice root health benefits

Licorice Root belongs to the legume family, and is scientifically known as Glycyrrhiza glabra. This spice is a primary native of European and Asian countries. There is also a second variety called “Chinese licorice” or Glycyrrhiza uralensis. Licorice is widely used as an herbal medicine and has wonderful health benefits. The licorice root health benefits are many. It is indeed an over-looked herbal wonder as it is useful for treating many ailments.

Licorice Root – Health Benefits

  1. Licorice root has excellent healing properties. It has compounds such as flavonoids and other plant estrogens like phytoestrogens.
  2. The presence of glycyrrhizin gives the herb a sweet taste. This compound is actually a valuable one to treat many ailments as it prevents the breakdown of cortisol in the body. It helps in regulating the body hormones.
  3. Licorice root is a best home remedy for treating stomach ulcers.  It helps in lowering stomach acid levels and relieves heartburn.
  4. It also aids in indigestion and has mild laxative properties that relieve constipation problems.
  5. Recent studies say that this root is also effective for type-2 diabetes and obesity as it reduces the excess fat.
  6. Licorice works as an expectorant and helps in getting rid of phlegm during colds.
  7. Licorice is beneficial for liver as it increases the bile flow and helps in lowering cholesterol levels in the body.
  8. Licorice boosts the body immune system. Particularly, it enhances the levels of interferon in the body, which is a primary chemical compound in the body for combating viruses. The glycyrrhizinic acid present in it prevents the bacterial growth in the body.
  9. Licorice root also helps in soothing pain and relieving fever. It has anti-allergic effect that treats many common diseases.
  10. It also relieves physical and emotional stress as it improves the body’s resistance to stress by stimulating the adrenal hormones. The anti-depressant compounds in licorice are an herbal remedy for alleviating stress-related problems.
  11. Licorice treats menstrual problems and regulates it. The presence of phytoestrogens has mild estrogenic effect that eases the symptoms of PMS.
  12. Since it lowers body cholesterol levels, it prevents the risk of heart diseases. It limits the damage caused by LDL to artery walls and discourages plague formation.

How To Take Licorice as a beverage

You can use dried licorice root for your daily use. Take around 1 – 3 g of dried licorice root and infuse it in hot water. Strain the mixture after boiling. The licorice root decoction is ready. You will get a clear, yellow shaded infusion. This licorice root tea is caffeine-free and is good for your health. You can drink it twice a day to get best results.

A Word for Care

Similar to its benefits, you need to have a word of caution as well.

  • The presence of glycyrrhizin is not good for pregnant women and persons having heart, liver, or kidney problems. In those cases, consult your doctor.
  • The recommended dosage is 6g per day for an average adult.
  • It should not be take more than four weeks, as it will increase the presence of certain compounds in your body.


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