Health benefits of Nungu or Ice Apple

Among the fruits that you can find on every street corner in dry, tropical regions of India and few Asian countries during summer time is this juicy and tasty Nungu. This Palm variety is named Nungu in Tamil, and also known as Ice Apple in western countries. Its taste is of a quite mildly sweet, watery flavor with a bitter aftertaste. It is a refreshing treat for the taste buds and body during hot weather. The Health benefits of Nungu are many. The translucent jelly in the fruit has excellent cooling effect along with a perfect balance of vitamins, iron, minerals, calcium and sugar content. There are lots of benefits in consuming Nungu, that too, during the hot summer weather.

Nutritional Value of Nungu

Nungu has an approximate calorie value of 43kcal


Nutritional Value of Nungu

Health benefits of Nungu


The fruit is an excellent choice to prevent dehydration during summer. It has fewer amounts of calories present in it, but provides a high amount of energy. It also provides a good balance of nutrients and minerals for the body. This helps in keeping fatigue at bay. The summer is prone to lots of sweat and this increases the feeling of tiredness. Nungu helps in keeping the glucose levels up. Fatigue

Cures digestive problems and stomach ailments

During the summer season, there is possibility of so many digestive problems due to heat. This fruit is an ancestral therapy used to alleviate many digestion problems.

For pregnant women

Nungu would help in curing the occurrence of acidity problems, which is common during pregnancy. It can also be consumed in order to subside the signs of nausea in pregnant women.

For Constipation

Since Nungu helps in improving digestion, it relieves constipation, providing proper elimination during summer times. Even though you prefer not to take the fleshy fruit, you can make juice out of it and consume it in early mornings in an empty stomach to relieve from constipation.

Liver problems

The high potassium content in Nungu helps in cleansing out the body toxins and get rid of any liver problems.

You can consume Nungu in different ways. The sweet and gelatin textured Nungu can be used to make milkshake by blending it with nut milk along with vanilla or rose flavors. It is best when served chill.

Summer days are prone to diseases like chickenpox and smallpox. If you or someone in your family is suffering from chickenpox, the juice of this fruit will provide an excellent cooling effect to the body. It also helps in reducing the itchiness caused by chickenpox.

The Health benefits of Nungu are many and this tropical fruit is an excellent summer edibles that is healthy as well.



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