Nutrition-rich Super Foods For Glowing Skin

The healthy outside starts from the inside”.

Nutrition is the main source for healthy and glowing skin. An unhealthy diet can lead to not only obesity, weight gain, poor digestion, but also damage your skin and it’s healthy functioning. Healthy skin is a reflection of overall wellness. It’s better to get nutrients for skin from foods, and not from supplements. You have to skip the unhealthy diet habits and eat healthy foods to make your skin happy and healthy. 

Here are few healthy superfoods for glowing skin care.  

1. Walnuts:

Walnuts for health

Walnuts are highly rich in antioxidants, omega-3 fatty acids, and protein. Walnuts can boost vitamin B levels which are responsible for boosting skin to glow. Eating 3-4 walnuts in a day will help your dull skin to regain that healthy and glowing skin. It has several chemical substances that help to boost blood circulation. The blood circulation in our body helps give a flawless, healthy, and good looking skin.  

   2. Egg White:

Eggs are highly rich in protein and it has been widely used in beauty products. It is built up of water and fats, which locks moisture into the skin and leaves your face soft and smooth. The nutrients in the egg help to nourish, hydrate, and moisturize your dull skin.Eating about one egg a day increases blood levels of zeaxanthin and lutein.

3. Salmon:

Salmon has one of the highest omega – 3 fatty acids. It helps in aiding a healthy diet that promotes skin glow. These fatty acids protect the skin from sun rays better than sunscreen can, and also they have natural anti-inflammatory properties. It helps to keep the skin highly moisturized. Regular intake of Salmon can restore a healthy glow by improving elasticity in your skin.


Spinach is not only good for our health but it is also very effective for our skin health. Spinach is rich in Vitamin C, E, and A. They contain antioxidant abilities that fight against all types of skin problems and keep your skin to remain tight and thus prevents aging. Add spinach to your everyday diet and you will get glowing and healthy  skin from inside out.

5. Sweet Potato:

Sweet Potatoes are an excellent source of carotenoids, which acts as a natural sunblock and helps to protect your skin from sun damage. Sweet Potatoes are highly rich in vitamin A which helps to reduce oil production in the skin. They are also rich in vitamin C and vitamin E, which are crucial to keep your skin glowing and healthy.

A Word For Care: 

 Healthy and Glowing Skin is a sign of good health. And you have to maintain a healthy diet to achieve glowing skin. It is important to understand that people have different types of skin and diet plays a major role in maintaining glowing skin. 

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