What is Cholesterol Hair Treatment and what are its benefits?

Dull and brittle hair is never a fad. In order to gain shine to your lifeless limp hair, there are lot many therapies. It is essential to choose the one that right fits your type of hair. Even damaged and rough hair could be revived with effective therapies. The modern era where artificial coloring and styling is at the top of craziness, ensuring good health to your hair would bring back its lustrous nature.

Even though there are various factors surrounding the hair damage, restoring it is possible only when met with the right products. It might be surprising to know that many of the hair products that revive quality and texture of hair contains cholesterol. But it’s the fact.

Cholesterol treatments are not alien to traditional hair restoration process. The softness and moisture in the hair is best restored with the use of cholesterol. Among many of the cholesterol hair treatments, Cholesterol Hot Oil Treatment, Homemade Cholesterol Hair Treatment and Cholesterol Deep Conditioning Treatment are few to mention.

Cholesterol Hot Oil Treatment includes applying the cholesterol oil to the hair after shampoo. This is sure to restore the sheen to the hair. In addition to that, it brings back the moisture that is lost due to the damage. If you often heat-style or chemically treat your hair, this is the best remedy to bring back the lost shine.

Homemade Cholesterol Hair Treatment is a traditional form done with mayonnaise. Either using a store-packed mayonnaise or homemade oils and eggs, the results are so good to be visible. It usually makes the hair soft, curly and voluminous. If you are a detested with the smell, modern mayonnaise comes to your rescue with its pleasant fragrance.

Cholesterol Deep Conditioning Treatment is the most widely used one. The ingredients are allowed to stay on the hair for 15 minutes and wrapped with a warm towel. The duration can be altered as per the level of damage. You can also add olive oil if you wish to. Reportedly, the treatment makes the hair silkier, shinier and smoother.

Overall, this cholesterol hair treatment is sure to make your hair gain its natural shine. However, this is for external use only. Try out one of these treatments and show off your beautiful hair with lush.


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