Cosmetics You Should Keep in Your Purse

Whether you have to go to work, grocery shopping or spending most of the day outdoors, there are certain skincare products and makeup items that you need to brush up your look and carry on your way. These are items that you should always keep in your bag if you want to look fresh, shield your skin from harsh rays or pollution and get back to getting through the day. If you also want to know what best suits your skin just go here.

Here’s all that you need in your purse to brighten your look:


Sunblock is an absolute must even for days when it’s not sunny. Apply sunblock half an hour before leaving your house. If you are spending longer hours outside the house, you need to keep sunblock to re-apply it every three hours for lasting effects.

The harmful UV radiation can darken your skin and ruin appearance. It can also cause pigmentation. Sun rays have carcinogens so prolonged exposure could lead to permanent skin damage or skin cancer. Exposure could also cause premature aging. Thus, you want to avoid all that dullness, wrinkles, fine lines, dark spots or blemishes by keeping your skin protected with sunblock that is at least SPF 30. Choose the one that is suitable for your skin to prevent blemishes.

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Rose Water Spray

You can’t go a day without keeping rose water in your handbag. It is an excellent toner and cleanser. Rose water’s antioxidant properties help replenish skin tissues and brighten your face. The antibacterial properties can help heal skin burns, scars or blemishes. Its anti-inflammatory properties help prevent breakouts, control oily skin and remove pollutants. Also, it’s refreshing fragrance is an immediate mood booster.

Therefore, you have too much goodness in one bottle. Just a dab of rose water on the go, and you’ll feel refreshed. It’s better to keep rose water in the refrigerator and take it with you when leaving the house.

Hand cream

Apparently, your delicate hands come in contact with hundreds of germs, bacteria and pollutants on public transport, greeting people, at grocery store and at work. Therefore, it is important to clean your hands throughout the day with a mild soap.

You could keep baby soap as that would not be too harsh on your skin. After properly cleaning and drying your hands, apply a small amount of hand cream to keep your skin hydrated or prevent your skin from aging too fast. Repeat the process throughout the day because your hands just need as much as your face to breathe and remain alive.

Lip balm

Your lips are just as prone to exposure from the sun and dryness as the rest of your face. Therefore, it is important to keep them hydrated always or you would have to deal with painful, chapped lips. Keep lip balms that hydrate your skin and contain sun protection since extensive sun exposure could cause dark spots on lips or overall akin darkening that would give an unsightly appearance.

Makeup wipes

There are times when you don’t just feel like having an cover-up on your face and just want to let your skin breathe. If not you may want to refresh your look by wiping off makeup, washing face and reapplying makeup before your next big meeting.

In that case, keep makeup cleansing wipes in your purse. Find out about the ones that are best for your skin, don’t clog pores and remove every trace or dirt. The point of a cleanser is to let your skin breathe and you should feel it after application. The skin should feel cool and make you really feel that it is now receiving oxygen. Furthermore, make sure that the ones you are getting do not cause acne breakout.

Moreover, stick to one brand if it has worked well for your skin. Changing brands constantly could also cause breakouts and blemishes.


Keep a moisturizing lipstick in your purse as it always comes in handy when you want to brighten your look. Even when you have removed make up or don’t have any makeup on, just wearing lipstick can make you look fresh.

Apply lip balm first then wear of a thin coat of lipstick. No one would notice your tired look when you have lipstick on that looks well-suited.

Therefore, that’s all you need to spice up your day and get going without having to worry about how you look. Go light on the makeup and just take care of the essentials so that your skin can take care of the rest.

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