Diet Tips to Gain Weight

Diet Tips to Gain WeightWeight loss is a common fad. But there are people around the world, who want to gain weight and look good. Usually, among children, teens, and some adults, weight gain becomes a major pursuit. Either you want to add muscles for body building or get a chubby healthy look; there are ways to get it done. There are so many capsules, protein shakes, and nutritional supplements available in the market.  These products come along with unwanted side effects. The best way to gain weight is to prefer healthy natural methods. So, consider trying these tips and plans to incorporate into your diet routine for gaining weight. These diet tips to gain weight are really effective, at the same time, healthy as well.

Add Calories

Every food contains a particular amount of calories. Our weight is determined by our calorie intake minus the calorie burned. If you intake more calories but burn less, you become fat. Now you know what it takes to gain weight. Approximately, you need to take around 250 calories additionally to your diet. This will help add roughly a half a kg of weight.

You can prefer to have calorie-rich foods such as cereals, pulses, meat, rice, bread, dry fruits and nuts. Add more of French beans, broccoli, pumpkins, eggplants, and red meat to the diet. You can prefer olive oil for cooking and salad dressing. Also, consumption of dairy products adds calories to diet.

Increase Daily Meals

Usually, everyone have the habit of eating three times per day. But to gain weight, you have to increase it to 6 meals a day – three big meals and three small. Have heavy breakfast, dinner, and lunch. In between take snacks and additional meals with toasted bread and butter or cheese or apples with yummy spread of peanut butter. Have desserts and cheese sandwiches to dinner/snacks. Pizzas and burgers increase weight, but keep it limited.

Protein-rich foods

Apart from calories, proteins help to put on weight. Building muscles is the healthy way to put on weight. You can get a list of muscle building foods here. Eat lots of egg, lean meat and fish. If you are vegan, you can go for sprouts, pulses, and dairy.

Weight gain supplements

If you are planning for a professional weight gain regime, supplements are mandatory. Sometimes, not just diet brings the expected results. Protein supplements can be added to milkshakes to gain weight fast.

Check out the list of weight gain foods you can include in your diet

  • Lean beef contains around 154 calories with high-quality protein and amino acids. It stimulates muscle growth.
  • Skinless chicken are also high-quality protein foods that maintains and repairs muscles, as well as helps in weight maintenance. Add it with salads or sandwich.
  • Cottage cheese contains slow-digesting casein protein, which is essential for muscle maintenance. It is a best source of calcium, vitamin B12, and other essential nutrients.
  • Eggs are affordable muscle gain food. It contains high-quality protein, fat, amino acids, and vitamin D.
  • Whey protein comes as a supplement for body building.
  • Whole grains are promotes good health and are easy to digest. They contain enough calories for strength and weight gain.
  • Healthy fats consumption is necessary for muscle growth. Good fats such as polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats are rich in nuts, salmon, leafy veggies, flax seed oil, and avocados oil. They are a good source of omega-3 fatty acids.

A word for Care

Enough sleep and elimination of stress add to weight gain.

There are also certain yoga poses that aids weight gain. Sarvangasana, Pawan Mukta Asana, Pranayama, and Vajrasana help to tone your muscles and helps weight maintenance.

Having a balanced diet is important. So make sure to avoid cereal bars and fast foods.

There are certain medications such as hyperthyroidism, and other hereditary factors that affect your weight maintenance.


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