Special Lesser-known Facts about Coconut Oil

Facts about Coconut Oil

Preferring the best in everything would be the choice of health conscious people. Lot of people around the world has started hailing coconut oil for its miraculous health benefits. Our ancestors have found the miracle of this oil and made it available in our day to day life. Here are few facts and quick tips about coconut oil:

Though coconut oil is expected to increase some amount of cholesterol, it is capable of controlling obesity.


Coconut oil can relatively kill your hunger, contributing to weight loss. This helps in reducing weight within a considerably less time.


Coconut oil, as said to be a miraculous health ingredient, can reduce the possibilities of cardiovascular disease. Clinical test on participants has proved that consumption of coconut oil does not affect the cholesterol level, but only HDL levels, that are only good cholesterol.


Coconut oil not only allows you to reduce fat but also reduce unwanted abdominal fat. On a regular consumption, coconut oil can reduce abdominal fat that no other diet can make so easily.


If you want a glow for your skin, coconut oil with baking soda will give best results. Coconut oil and honey would work as a hydrating, antibacterial face mask. Coconut oil, when applied on your skin can show efficient moisturizing effects.


You can get ready yourself for an oil massage by heating up some coconut oil. The relief it will give is unbelievable.


Eating coconut oil will boost your immune system. Coconut oil basically increases your WBC count those that fight viruses and bacteria in the bloodstream.


If you have a sore throat, you can always swallow a drop of coconut oil to reduce your dry cough.


Coconut oil is a natural remedy for lice. This can be done in a 2 step process. Rinse your hair with apple cider vinegar and then apply coconut oil through the strands.


The medium chain saturated fats that are available in the coconut oil are easy to digest. They can be consumed in for the benefit of liver to generate energy and encourage fat burning.


Coconut oil can help in calcium and magnesium absorption in the body, which can make for healthy bones and teeth.

With such innumerable benefits, coconut oil is certainly worth all the hype. However, one needs to be careful in overusing the oil, as too much of anything is sure to bring adverse effects. Know the uses, learn the methods, follow it effectively to reap the benefits.


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