Give Yourself A Sophisticated New Look with Vintage Designer Chanel Handbags

Nobody can deny the whimsical aura of Chanel bags and fashion accessories which have been admired by each and every fashionable woman across the globe. This coveted brand not only treasured for its stylish look and durability, but also for a purely financial investment as these stunning creations is durable, groovy, and completely mesmerizes you with its beautiful craftsmanship. Each and every handbag has to go through with a strict inspection before hitting the store which ensures that these iconic bags are crafted with best materials and susceptible to stand against any damage from water, heat or even UV rays. So you can pass on this legacy to your children as these stylish bags never go out of fashion.


Go for A Stylish Financial Investment

If you are a fashion conscious woman as well as a savvy investor and looking for a long term investment, then just go for it as Chanel bags are valued for its timelessness. People hunt for pre-owned designer handbags as its price goes high in each and every year. So if you buy a designer handbag today, you are completely assured that you can fetch the most out of it. But before buying, pay attention to each and every authentication details as counterfeits have mastered in replacing the original with a replica.

Authentic Vintage Designer Handbags Online at an Affordable Cost

My Luxury Bargain, India’s leading online boutique, offers authentic Chanel handbags and accessories at a throwaway price for each and every beautiful fashionable woman so that they can save their hard earned money and at the same time can fulfill their dream. Now, let’s concentrate on some key aspects of Chanel handbags through which you can easily distinguish the fake product from a genuine one.


The logo

The logo is the most prominent part which distinguishes the authentic Chanel bag from a replica. The interlocking CC Chanel logo is beautiful and unique which is designed with gold or silver material. Another interesting part is if you concentrate on the CC lock, you can see the left C is overlapping the left one at the top and on the other hand the left one is overlapping the right one at the bottom.


The exotic leather and the quilting

These stylish bags are rendered with the lambskin or a caviar skin which is extremely smooth and bubbly in appearance. Along with that, you can see a consisted diamond pattern in the quilting part which is remarkable. So before buying pre-owned luxury bags in India check the superior quality of these exquisite bags.

Immaculate stitching and excellent shape

A genuine Chanel bag holds eleven stitches per panel. Along with that, flat lining without any visible drawback will definitely attract your attention. Authentic vintage Chanel bags have square shape corners and in a replica, you will find rounded corners.

Last but not the least, take care of the accessories that come with these vintage designer handbags online, as these things will increase the value over time and will help you to prove the authentication of that particular bag.


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2 Responses

  1. Angel says:

    Thanks for the tips on how to spot a fake. I’m a shoe girl, but a classic handbag is a good investment, and I try to buy quality items.

    • Heal-beau says:

      Thats true Angel, It is always to be aware of fake. Give a try for genuine ones and you’d never regret.

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