How can Computer Users Protect Eyes

Computers are being widely used in almost all facets of life. You too might be working on it for long hours, but since we all believe that excess of anything can be bad and the same goes with it. Spending long consecutive hours with your computer screens can develop certain temporary vision issues like – strain on eyes, blurred vision, double vision, itching and watery eyes. But the good news is none of these issues are permanent and can even be avoided with a little care and vigilance.

How can Computer Users Protect Eyes

Keep the screen at a fair distance

To make sure your computer is positioned right, Stretch your arm straight and it should not be touching the screen.

Position the computer below your eye level

This is to make sure that you look at the screen with a major portion of your eyeballs covered with eyelids. This is healthy for the eyes as it keeps them moisturized.

Blink often 

While concentrating on the computers screens, the rate of eye blinking falls down even then the natural rate. This is harmful for the eyes as it makes them dry. So, force yourself to blink more often to keep them moisturized.

Screen brightness

Your screen should always be brighter than the background of your workplace. Never work in a dim lit setting that puts more strain on your eyes. You can always adjust the brightness of your screen according to the lighting of the background. Basically, make sure that your computer screen is most illuminated thing in the room.

But excessively bright screens can also put strain on your eyes. Then what should be done in that case?

Here, you need to put any other illuminated object close to you like a table lamp, a bulb above your head to lessen the impact of computer screens on your eyes.

Reduce Glare

Sometimes your computer screens reflect light that puts more strain on your eyes. So, take precautions to avoid such kind of Glare.

  • Keep your clean so that no dust particles are allowed to glare your eyes with strain.
  • Do not work in a setting where there is light behind you. This light would be reflected off the screen back to your eyes. So, avoid such situation by choosing an appropriate sitting for you.
Regular Breaks

As per the studies, your eyes need to rest every little while if you are working on computers. It is advisable, to take a 20 minutes break after 2 consecutive hours of working.

Close your eyes, blink your eyes or just let them relax in that time for better lubrication.

Regular Eye Checkups

Schedule regular appointments with your eye doctor to keep a check on your eye sight. Regular monitoring would enable you to get hold on any issue with the eye sight, which your doctor would help you to deal with.

Not only this, your eye doctor would provide you with precise guidance to take proper care of your eyes.

Go For Correct Eye wear

Consult your Eye doctor who might recommend you to wear some specific protections to keep your eyes glare free and healthy.

This could be anything from prescription, OTC to set specially designed glasses. Also, avoid wearing lenses while using computers, because they get dry quickly causing irritation in the eyes.

Healthy Diet

Your Diet affects each and every part of your body and so your eyes.

Include some specific foods in your diet which can help maintain the health of your eyes like-

Vitamin C– Oranges, Broccoli, Spinach, berries, Guavas, tomatoes, Peas, Papaya etc.

Vitamin A– Sweet potato, Carrots, melon etc.

Zinc– Lobsters, Crab, Oysters etc.

Beef and Pork

Beans and Mushroom

Almonds, walnuts, cashews etc.

 Omega-3 fatty acids– Salmon, Sardines and Herring

Ample Hydration – Water proves a great solution to so many issues with our body and one of them is our eyes.

A major issue with our eyes is dryness which could be dealt with proper intake of water. An ample supply of water to your body would keep the eyes lubricated and healthy.

The use of computers in today’s scenario cannot be avoided. But using them wisely and carefully can prevent them from incurring any harm to the vision and health of your eye.

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