Healthy ways to intake Carrots for this Summer

Healthy ways to intake Carrots for this SummerAs mentioned in the earlier post, Carrots are indeed such a healthy vegetable that could bring innumerable benefits for body and skin. However, one should know how to eat it in the right way. For instance, taking carrot Halwa or carrot Burfi with lots of sweety ingredients and ghee might not be a healthy option. This is why you have to add the right food into the right ingredients and take it in the right way.

Carrot juices are the best for everyone from babies to elderly people. Even while making carrot juice, one needs to take it without any artificial flavors, sugar or milk. Yes. Read it again. NO MILK. Carrots are indeed best at its taste with its own natural flavor, and so you can consume them without adding anything else. However, if you prefer to add a little more yumminess to it, the best thing you can do is add it with other fresh juices. For instance, to get a tangy taste, just mix them with orange or lemon juices. Similarly, you can also add a healthy mixture of ginger, mint flavor or even cinnamon to the carrot juice to give it a spicy taste. These spicy flavored carrot juices are best antioxidant drinks that are healthier than eating the veggie in its raw form. The nutrient content of carrots gets intensified when it is consumed in its juicy form.

Are you an aspiring weight-loss buddy? Here is an easy and tasty recipe for you with carrots. Drinking a glass of carrot juice every day can help a lot in burning fat from the body, taking you in the direction of getting the svelte body. Moreover, the carrots are said to be giving a subtle glow to your skin.

Here we have a simple carrot soup that can add to your health benefits.  With the summer time burning the energy out of your body, this simple drink can make a lot of difference.

Tomatoes – 3 no.s

Chopped green onions

A handful of fresh Basil,

1 avocado – Optional

Lemon Juice – 2-4 Tbsp

Freshly juiced carrots – 1 ½ cups

A pinch of cumin powder.

Blend the tomatoes, onions, basil, and avocado in a mixer. Add freshly prepared carrot juice and lemon juice with it. Wow. You are almost ready with the Summer-Chilled Carrot Soup that is creamy and tasty. Finish it off with a pinch of cumin powder, if needed. It tastes best when chilled and served.

Have you tried any of the above? Just share it in the comments.


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