10 Brain-Boosting Foods for Children

Eating nutritious foods are not only good for your physical health, but also for your mental health. Especially for growing children, foods play a vital part in their brain development. That is why it is necessary for parents to provide children with essential nutrients that would promote their brain growth. Here are few of the super foods that boost your children’s brain health. These brain boosting foods for children are essential ones on your kitchen list.


Eggs are vital source of nutrients. Particularly, egg yolks are good for improving the brain memory. The protein in eggs helps your brain go ticking the all day. You can have fried, or hard boiled eggs which are a great source of iron, folate, and choline. Even during the prenatal period, eggs are important for brain development and helps in reducing the risk of neural problems in children.


Fishes are rich in omega-3 fatty acids which are great for brain health. Oily fish like salmons are preferable for child as it has good sources of fat content as EPA and DHA in ready form. You can also provide trout, herring, sardines and other oily fish.

Brown Rice

Brown rice has complex carbohydrates that provide the brain with steady supply of glucose. Also, it improves the blood flow to the brain and provides uninterrupted supply of oxygen to the brain. It has rich source of vitamin B, which has an effect on brain function.


Though all vegetables are energy boosters, there are few specific ones that can boost your child’s brain health. Broccoli is rich source of Vitamin K that helps in enhancing the cognitive functioning of children. It also improves brain power. Tomatoes are said to have powerful antioxidant compound called lycopene. It helps in protecting the brain against free radicals that damage the cells. Red cabbages and spinaches are also goof for brain health.


Though peanuts have high fat content, they provide the growing toddlers with good fats. Moreover, peanuts are low in saturated and trans-fat. They are also good source of vitamin E, which is good for healthy functioning of brain.  You can add peanuts and peanut butter for children.

Whole Grains

Children’s brain needs ample amount of energy. This will help in their ability to concentrate and promote thinking process. Having adequate amount of energy can increase children’s ability to focus. Whole grains and cereals are best for increasing the energy supply for the body. The glucose levels in our blood increases the brain activity of toddlers. Wholegrain release glucose into the blood stream and keep the child mentally alert all day. It is important to choose whole grains such as oats, cereals, etc.

Mixed Nuts

Regular intake of vitamin E foods can prevent any kind of cognitive decline in children. As nuts are rich source of this vitamin E and B6, it can be provided regularly for children as snacks. Nuts like almonds, and walnuts are particularly great sources of omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids. It is healthier to soak the nuts overnight before giving for children.


Lentils re rich in fiber content, which is vital for optimal performance of brain functions. Also the steady glucose levels provided by lentils help in providing the necessary energy for the brain. It helps in maintaining the blood circulation in the brain, allowing healthy active brain functionality.

Lean meat

Lean meat have high boost of energy for the children. It has good source of vitamin b6, and 12 which helps in improving the metabolism and increasing the function of brain’s neurotransmitters. Organic meat also contain high amount of antibiotics and growth hormones that are essential for children’s brain development.

Yoghurt & Milk

Dairy products like milk and yoghurt contain good source of protein. Also it contains essential vitamins and minerals like phosphorus. Calcium present in milk and yoghurt regulate body energy production. Also, having a low fat diary diet for children prevents obesity problems as well.


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