Natural Way to Remove Dark Spots on Face

Natural Way to Remove Dark Spots on Face

Now-a-days, most of the people having skin problems are prone to pimples and other pigmentation issues. Dark spots on their face are caused because of hyper-pigmentation. There are many reasons for this hyper pigmentation problem. Some of the reasons for this dark spots are too much stress, lack of sleep, sun exposure, post-pregnancy, vitamin deficiencies and hormonal imbalance. These dark patches and other marks on the face also come due to excess secretion of melanin. Though it is a common skin problem, there is Natural Way to Remove Dark Spots on face. 

There are so many cosmetic products available in the market, causing adverse effects on the skin. However, we can remove these dark spots using some natural ingredients without having any side effects. There is no need to apply heavy makeup to hide your dark spots. Here are some of best natural home remedies to get rid of this black spot problem.

  • Rose petals are the best ingredient for dark spots. Soak 5-6 almonds for about to 5 hours then take hand full of rose petals, grind both using mixer grinder make a smooth paste apply this regularly on your face.
  • Take banana or papaya then mash it with small amount of honey. Make a fine paste apply it on your face.
  • Take equal amount of cucumber juice, mint juice, lemon juice apply it on black spots. Try this regularly. It will remove your black spots easily.
  • Cut potatoes into two pieces apply it on your face.
  • Take nutmeg (jathikai) paste and apply it on your acne area.
  • Apply oil on your face, and then stream your face into boiling lemon juice water. Wipe your face using towel. Do this treatment regularly your acne will disappear.
  • Take 1tbsp castor oil and 1tbsp rose water apply it on black spots. Then dip towel into hot water, wipe your face softly. By doing this regularly you can get rid of black spots.
  • Take wheat bran(gothumai thavidu) 1tbsp, mix 1tbsp milk in it then apply it on your black spot area regularly this will remove your black spots in few days.

Try these natural home remedies at home regularly and get rid of black spots problem. Give us feedback about these remedies in comment bar.


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