New Year Mehendi Designs

Mehendi is one of the pre-wedding ceremonies in Indian tradition. Also, mehendi has become a part of trend nowadays. Every occasion can be decorated with beautiful mehendi designs. Henna is basically a natural dye. It has cooling properties that are good for health. The henna dye delivers a red color when applied on the skin. Commonly it is used to decorate hands. Mehendi is applied using a cone and when dried, it is washed off with water, revealing the dyed color. Different mehendi designs are used for different occasions. There are traditional mehendi, arabic mehendi, freestyle mehendi and more. Each design is picked as per the occasion and preference.

Tips for Mehendi Use

  • It is optional to add eucalyptus oil to the mehendi before applying. this gives a good scent to the hands until the mehendi fades off.
  • If you make the design messy, wipe off the mehendi immediately or else it will stain.
  • After putting on the mehendi, make sure to use sugar syrup with a cotton when it dries. This will help the henna dye to get into the skin well.
  • After washing the mehendi, use coconut oil on the hands to prevent faster fading.

With the New Year celebrations around the corner, you can make beautiful mehendi designs. We are providing a good handpicked collection of mehendi designs for you to use.








These hand and feet designs are really awesome. If you have tried more designs of your own, you can share with us.


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