Why do you need to Detoxify your Body?

In the world of pollution, it is inevitable for the body to intake chemicals. Actually, chemicals, of any sort are dangerous. As we avoid most of the harmful chemicals directly, we are still at the risk to consume it in many forms that are indirectly available. Toxic chemicals are found everywhere, including the water we drink, foods we consume, the air we breathe or even the electronics we use. It is unavoidable. So what is the alternative? Detoxification is.

The toxic agents that we encounter in our day to life are sure to affect our body in some way or other. Apart from that, the stress hormones, anxiety and emotional disturbances also create some kind of toxic radicals in the body. However, our body is equipped with natural mechanisms to detoxify. Urination, crying, sweating and defecation are part of the body routines in its way to detoxify. However, that is not always enough.

On knowing the impacts of the modern life we live in, with abundance of chemicals in our food and environment, our body is at the risk of toxic buildup. This is why we need to detoxify our body occasionally, in addition to the natural ways it holds.

Detoxification is a significant aspect as it literally reverses the illness in the body. Even though there are different methods of detoxification, it is important to choose the one right method that fits for you. Each individual is different. Firstly, it is essential to focus on cleansing kidneys and colon, as they are the ones responsible for taking out the waste from the body. Without cleansing them, the detoxification might result in adverse effects. Not just a ‘juice cleanse’ or ‘water fast’ will detoxify your body. You can have lot many alternatives as well. Yoga, sauna, Epsom salt, therapeutic clay baths, acupuncture and acupressure are also excellent ways to detoxify.

Of course a nutritional juice cleansing is a wonderful and effective way of detoxification, however, it is not necessary, unless for severe cases. There are also negative effects accompanied with the process, and so it is advisable to start slow with guidance of a nutritionist or dietician.


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