What is Collagen? How does it Benefits Health?

collagen benefits healthIn the recent day health discourses, collagen has become a major part. Not everyone knows what it is and how it benefits health. Collagen is actually a body protein. Collagen production in body begins to slow down naturally as we age. Other reasons such as stress, poor diet, smoking, and gut health imbalances can also decrease the body’s ability of collagen production. This is why it is necessary to provide the body with enough collagen supplements. Usually cosmetic companies boost of providing collagen in their products, but actually the collagen benefits are internally, and not from any topical treatments.

What is collagen?

Collagen is the most abundant protein in the body. It comprises of approximately around 30% of body proteins. It is a long-chain amino acid made up of specific amino-acids, namely, Glycine, Hydroxyproline, Proline, and Arginine. Collagen is found in connective tissues, muscles, skin, bones, and tendons.

It is common to have collagen and gelatin mentioned together. This is because gelatin is actually derived from collagen, when it breaks down. So gelatin is actually a collagen, in a different form. Collagen benefits can be acquired from its nutritional facts. In ancient days, collagen-derived gelatin was the first food to be used in medical treatments.

How Collagen benefits Skin and Beauty

Do you know collagen comprises of 70% of protein in skin? Since collagen contains amino acids and proteins it nourishes the skin. Collagen helps keep your skin firmer and younger. It also renews and repairs the body cells. But when there is depletion of collagen level in skin it reduces skin elasticity, causing wrinkles and sagging skin. Moreover, collagen helps in replacing dead skin cells. So when there is collagen deficiency in skin, it naturally starts to age faster.

  • Collagen strengthens nails and teeth. Lack of collagen can cause splitting and peeling of nails. Since it is building block of nails and teeth, adding collagen to diet regimen helps keep nails and teeth – strong and healthy.
  • Collagen also helps in reducing cellulite and stress marks in the skin. Since collagen is responsible for skin elasticity, decreased collagen can cause visible side effects such as cellulites and stress marks. It provides skin strength and gives the skin tissues the ability to hold everything in place.

How Collagen benefits health

The amino acids present in collagen helps keep the body health. Proline and glycine are ‘nonessential’ amino acids, which are important to ensure proper functioning of the body. It also improves cells functioning and builds healthy DNA strands. Proline form creatine, which plays a major role in promoting healthy muscle growth. Collagen also boosts energy production during physical activities.

  • Loss of collagen in the body causes tendons and ligaments to become stiff. This will cause swollen legs and discomfort in moving with ease.
  • Ingesting collagen reduces the risk of joint deterioration. Recent studies found that collagen treatment is effective for osteoarthritis and joint disorders.
  • Collagen is helpful for leaky gut syndrome. It heals the damaged cell walls by infusing amino acids and soothes your gut’s lining. It also helps to break down proteins and absorb water to help things move freely in the digestive tract.
  • Collagen increases body metabolism. Gylcine in collagen increases energy levels in the body and also helps in muscle development by burning more calories than fat.
  • Collagen intake has to be supplemented with vitamin C as it helps the body to convert the collagen into a useable protein. This will help to restore body energy and vitality.
  • Collagen is extremely helpful for body detox. Glycine found in collagen helps minimize liver damage by effectively detoxing the body of any toxins and foreign substances. Bone broth is the easiest way to get rid body toxins and ‘reset’ the gut.

How to get Collagen for Health

Animal diet such as animal parts, bone broth, skin tendons and ligaments contain enough collagen. Also foods that are rich in amino acids such as eggs, fish, poultry, and milk also boost collagen production in the body. Collagen supplements are also available in stores as powder and can be added to smoothies and soups. This way you can get the collagen benefits. Despite using collagen-infused topical products, adding collagen diet can give the exact benefits from inside out.


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