10 Calcium-rich Foods

Among all the nutritional minerals, calcium is an inevitable compound for body functioning. It has to be abundantly present in our body. More than 90 percent of body calcium is found in our bones. Bone health is one of the crucial requirements of our body. The calcium present in the bones not only aid body strength but also is used to store and and release necessary calcium into the body bloodstream. Having calcium rich foods in our diet can contribute to hormone secretion, muscle health, blood clotting, and nerve transmission.

Deficiency in calcium can lead to osteoporosis, tooth decay, high blood pressure, and muscle tensions. The calcium rich foods mentioned here could be added to daily diet for strengthening your bones and balancing the body’s pH. An average adult needs around 1,000 mg of calcium per day.

1) Raw Milk

Dairy products like milk usually have high nutrients and calcium content. Raw milk has calcium in an easily absorbable form and is easily digestible by the body. 1 Cup of low fat milk (approximately 245g) contains around 448mg of calcium in it. Make sure to add dairy products in moderate amounts for elder people as it contains high saturated fat and high levels of estrogen.

2) Dark leafy greens like spinach, Kale, collard greens (cooked)

Dark greeny vegetables contain much calcium. Particularly spinach, kale, and collard greens are calcium rich foods. It is estimated that one cup of cooked collard greens contain 268 mg of calcium content. These vegetables satisfy the daily calcium needs to a good level. Also they contain vitamins and other minerals that benefit your health. You can sauté these greens along with olive oil or garlic to enhance the flavor of it.

3) Sardines (with bones)

Salty sardines might not be the fave of many. However, in taking moderate amount of sardines to your regular diet will benefit you. Prefer to take sardines with bones which are one of the good calcium rich foods. Apart from calcium, sardines are also rich in vitamin B12 and D, which are essential for nervous system and bone health.

4) Yogurt

Similar to any dairy product, yoghurt is also one among the best calcium rich foods. You can intake yoghurt for calcium supplement.  It gets well-absorbed by the body. It is also good source of magnesium and phosphorus. Since many people can be lactose intolerant, it is important to add lower quantities of yoghurt as it many interfere with the calcium absorption in the body.

5) Broccoli

Broccoli is one nutritional vegetable that is often overlooked. This cruciferous veggie is a good source of calcium. Two cups of raw broccoli is said to contain an approximate of 85 mg of calcium. Moreover, broccoli contains twice the amount of vitamin C than that of orange. Regular intake of broccoli will supplement your daily calcium requirement and lowers the risk of several bone problems.

6) Soybeans

Soya is a rich source of calcium supplement. Soyabeans are also rich in fiber, iron, and protein content. Since they contain resistant starch, they are a healthy carb that could be used to boost your body metabolism. You can intake soya in the form of soya milk, soya beans or even as tofu to get the nutrients. Half a cup of cooked soyabeans would have 63 mg of calcium content.

7) Cheese

Cheese are a delicious and nutritious food rich in calcium. It also has proteins, phosphorus, and vitamins such as A and B12. Cheese has high quantity of calcium and is often prescribed for calcium recommendations. One serving (1 oz) of Swiss cheese is said to contain 224 mg of calcium in it. You can prefer to have fat-free cheese which has fewer calories.

8) Chinese Cabbage

Chinese cabbage is rich of calcium content and fiber. This veggie provides a high dose of vitamins such as A, K, and C. Cabbages also have a good amount of folate that builds strong bones. You can make a perfect healthy side dish with cabbage flavoring it with olive oil and garlic. Half a cup of cabbage equals the nutrients of one glass of milk.

9) Okra

Though okra has quite fewer calcium when compared to other foods, it is worth to mention. Each serving or 8 pods of Okra contains around 80 mg of calcium. Additionally, it has plenty of fiber content, vitamins, minerals, and folates. It also contains constipation-fighting insoluble fiber. Adding it to your regular diet is nutritious in all aspects.

10) Almonds

Almonds are high protein foods that provide the needed calcium content for the body. These nuts are rich in monounsaturated fats that prevent the risk of heart diseases. Also these nutty snacks help in reducing cholesterol and aids weight loss. One ounce of almonds (approx.23 almonds) contains 75 mg of calcium.


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