10 Most Popular Sunscreen Lotions in India

The radiations coming from the UV rays causes major problem in our skin, like sun burn and skin tanning. With the summer heat burning our bodies, Sun screen lotions are the skin-saver. It is indeed a best solution to protect our skin from sun burn, sun tan, UV radiations, and other effects. We are in need to choose best sunscreen lotion.

Usually, we choose sun screen lotion depending upon its SPF factor. So what is this SPF? SPF is nothing but sun protecting factor. It is a measurement which comes with the tag ‘SPF’ in all lotions and cosmetics. It will provide the details about how much it protects your skin from UV rays. SPF 15 is a common scale and will protect your skin from UV rays about 93 percent. However, double the SPF does not always mean double the protection. For instance, SPF 30 gives just a 4 percent more than SPF 15 while a SPF 50 blocks around 98 percent of UV rays.

Now, we have known a little about the SPF factors and here comes a compilation of some popular sunscreens in India.

1. Lotus Herbals Safe Sun UV Screen Matte Gel SPF 50:

lotusIt is an innovative sun block which is totally non-oily and non-sticky gel type sunscreen. It provides fresh and clean matte finish to the face. It is usually suitable for anyone from normal to oily skin type. It spreads easily all over our skin. With the natural ingredients, it protects your skin from all forms of sun diseases like sun tanning, sun burn, pre-mature ageing and skin cancer. It has SPF 50 and it protects your skin from both UVA and UVB sun rays.

Price: Rs. 225 for 50g.

2. Lakme Sun Expert UV Lotion SPF 50:

lakmeThe sunscreen lotion from Lakme contains a light feel formula. It keeps your skin nourished and leaves a non sticky feeling after applied.  It protects our skin from UVA rays that cause dark spots, premature ageing and skin darkening. This sunscreen comes in different SPF ranges. With a maximum of SPF 50, it shields 97 percent UVB rays that causes sun burn. It also helps controlling excessive sweating and oil. So is suitable for everyone, both dry and oily skinned beauties.

Price: Rs. 99 for 15ml.

3. Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunblock SPF 50:neutrogenna

This sunscreen from Neutrogena is a light weight sun block that gives you an ultra light clean feel. It makes your skin smooth, soft and oil-free. It is also sweat proof and waterproof. It has SPF 50 and so it provides superior protection against skin ageing, and a broad spectrum UVA and UVB rays. It gives you ultra shine and is non-comedogenic as well. It is suitable for all skin types.

Price: Rs. 499 for 88ml.

4. Nivea Sun Moisturising Immediate Sun Protection SPF 50

niveaThis Nivea lotion has SPF 50 and so it gives a balanced protection against harmful UVA and UVB rays. It is slightly thick in consistency. However, it spreads easily on the skin, and gets absorbed quickly into the skin. One thing good about the lotion is that you do not need to put moisturizer separately as it is moisturizing. It gives you non greasy and non oily feeling. It is also water resistant. It prevents wrinkles caused by frequent sun exposure.

Price: Rs. 399 for 125ml.

5. Lacto Calamine Sun Shield SPF 30:

10 Most popular sun screen lotions in IndiaWe can use this sunscreen daily. It has SPF 30 which protects your skin from broad spectrum UVA and UVB rays. Since it has lemon extract, it controls oiliness considerably. Also the Vitamin E present in it helps to keep your skin looking radiant and healthier. It keeps your skin smooth and moisturized. It also helps to prevent premature ageing caused by UV rays. It reduces dark spots and also pigmentations. It suitable for dry to normal skin types.

Price: Rs. 199 for 100g.

6. L’Oreal UV Perfect Aqua Essence SPF30:

lorealIt is a 12 hour long lasting UV protector. It reduces premature skin ageing, skin darkening and fight against brown spots. It has SPF 30 which protects your skin from broad spectrum UVA and UVB rays for 12 hours. It enriched with adenosine, a renowned anti-ageing property which strengthen premature skin ageing. It contains vitamin E so it fights against free radical and slowdown skin ageing. It will fight against skin ageing, brown spots, wrinkles, and loss of elasticity. You can get visible fair and young skin day after day. This sun screen lotion is so suited for normal to dry skin.

Price: Rs. 475 for 30ml.

7. VLCC Matte Look Sunscreen Lotion SPF30:

10 Most popular sun screen lotions in IndiaIt has non-sticky formula, and gets absorbed easily. The lotion is best for oily skinned as it provides a matte finish. It has SPF30 which provides long duration of sun protection from both UVA and UVB rays. It makes your skin softer and supple because of it contains pineapple extract, and also it hydrates your skin. It is suitable for all skin types. It is an ayurvedic product.

Price: Rs. 475 for 30ml.

8. Ayur Sunscreen Lotion SPF 15:

10 Most popular sun screen lotions in IndiaIt is non greasy lotion and so blends well into your skin. It protects your skin from harmful UVA and UVB rays because it enriched with Vitamin E and wheat germ oil. This wheat germ oil prevents skin darkening, sun burn. It provides active skin cell protection and makes complexion fair. Vitamin E makes your skin moisturized. It makes your skin smooth and supple. It can be suitable for all skin types. Even we can use this for most sensitive skin, as it has herbal ingredients.

Price: Rs. 145 for 200ml.

9. Himalaya Protective Sunscreen Lotion SPF15:

10 Most popular sun screen lotions in IndiaHimalaya is one trusted herbal brand and this lotion has double action formula to protect and nourish our skin from harmful rays. It has herbal cinnabloc extract, which gives long lasting protection form UVA and UVB rays. The Aloe Vera, and apple extract prevents skin darkening and makes the skin moisturised. Apple extract also prevents premature skin ageing and skin cell degeneration. This Ayurvedic proprietary medicine is suitable for all skin types. It does not have any harmful medicine and it is dermatalagically tested.  It has SPF 15 which is quite low compared to other and so it protects your skin from the sun for few hours, after which you will need to apply it again.

Price: Rs. 110 for 50ml.

10. Garnier Sun Control Daily Moisturiser SPF15:

10 Most popular sun screen lotions in IndiaIt is a 2 in 1 lotion. We can use this as daily moisturiser and sun screen lotion. It prevents premature ageing and skin darkening. It contains Formula with Mexoryl SX, Glycerol, Vitamin E, and extracts of coriander. Mexory SX helps in protecting skin from the harmful UV rays. Vitamin E fights against free radicals and delays the signs of ageing. Glycerol and extract of coriander helps to retain the skin’s moisture and nourishes our skin from drying. It is suitable for oily and combination skin.

Price: Rs. 180 for 50 ml

You can choose the right one for this summer and block the harmful effects of sun rays. If you do use any other sunscreens, drop us the feedback in the comments.

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