Water Washed Ghee for Skin Care

Are you skeptical about the title? Do you read it once more again to confirm it? Yes. You are right. It’s a lesser known formulation for skin care. This water washed ghee or sometimes, clarified butter is a common Ayurveda beauty formulation and it is used for variety of purposes.

Commonly people are unaware of the external use of ghee. However, in Ayurveda and few other alternative medicines, it is used extensively for skin care. this water washed ghee is a special by simple ghee formulation which can be done even at home. You can use this for various purposes and its shelf life is also quite long.


Solid Ghee – 100 ml

Water – 100 ml


  • Take the 100 ml of solid ghee into a bowl and add equal amount of water into it.
  • Now using a blender, mix it thoroughly until the ghee and water mixes together.
  • Now you have to strain the excess water from the ghee.
  • After that, add again a 100 ml of water into this ghee and blend again.
  • You have to repeat the process as long as you can.

The more the repetitions the better is the quality. Usually for professional use, they do it for 100 times, but at home, you can do it for 20 to 30 times.

After all the repeated blending, the solid ghee will now be in a white color creamy paste-like form. It will be smoother to touch.

This water washed ghee is an excellent moisturizer and coolant for skin care.

You can do this and store the water washed ghee in a container for around 4-6 months. It should be stored in a dry, clean, air-tight container. Exposure to air or moisture will cause foul smell.

In Ayurveda, this water washed ghee is known as Shata dhauta ghrita. Sometimes it is also known as clarified butter

Uses of Water Washed Ghee

  1. This is especially beneficial for curing burns and wounds.
  2. You can also use it for alleviating the problems of cracked heels.
  3. It is a natural skin moisturizer. You can use it daily by applying it on skin for 10 minutes before facewash. Use warm water to rinse.


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