9 Foods not to be Kept in Refrigerator

 It has become a common habit us to keep various food items in refrigerator. Though it is a convenient option, there are certain things you need to know about using it. Certain foods are not good to be kept in refrigerator. We are not often aware about the Foods that are not to be kept in Refrigerator. Keeping such foods in refrigerator can be reduce the effective of those foods or sometimes strip off its healthy value. You have to know the foods not to be kept in refrigerator for keeping your kitchen foods healthier for your family. Here are different foods that should not be kept in refrigerator for different reasons.


Onions are actually to be kept in airy space. Even keeping those in polythene bags are not good. You should be aware of buying onions packed in polythene bags as it will lose its effectiveness. After buying onions from the market, you have to keep in them in a dry, airy place in kitchen.


Garlic is never to be kept in refrigerator. If you keep it, it will get spoiled soon. It should also be kept in a dry, airy place. You can separate the garlic and store them normally in shelf.


This common food is not to be kept in refrigerator forever. Also, you should not wash it off as well. Moreover, it is not good to keep them in polythene bags. It should be kept in airy place. While purchasing potatoes, make sure to get it without any green shaded roots or green skin in it.


Once you keep tomatoes in fridge, it will start getting coarse and mealy. To avoid that you have to save them outside. Also if you want to ripen them faster, avoid using polythene bags, instead, use paper bags. Once ripened, you can save it for three days in normal temperature.


Either grounded or fresh beans, coffee are not to be refrigerated. Even in freezer, you must not keep it. The condensation of refrigerator will affect the flavor of coffee. It is best to save coffee in your pantry with an airtight container.

Fruits like Banana

Keeping bananas in refrigerator can cause them to ripen very faster. It will turn black soon and get spoiled. Similarly, fruits like kiwi, peaches, plums, pineapples, and apricots should not also be kept in refrigerator.


Keeping honey in refrigerator is of no use. Pure honey will never get spoiled for ages. Even though the honey we purchase comes with preservatives, there is no need to keep them in refrigerator.


Pumpkins require a fresh ventilated space. Refrigerating them would do no good as it needs a dry and dark place to be kept safely.

Whole Melons

After purchasing melons, you have to save them in normal temperature. Keeping full melons in refrigerator can strip off its nutrients. However, you can cut them and refrigerate in an airtight bag or container.


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