Natural Cleansing Products for Every Household

It is important to be clean. But what is the use if your cleaning products are not actually healthy. We are mindful of the cleansers that we use every day but are not aware of the harsh chemicals it contains. So what could be done to use the right product? Just look around. You will find your cleansers right by your side in kitchen. Here we have several natural cleansing products that can be used in every household for variety of purposes.


The one-and-all product for every household. We have heard of cleaning products containing lemon so why don’t we use it right in its natural form. Here is how you have to do it.

It is a natural disinfectant and so protects your house surfaces from mold growth. It removes oils and dirt easily as well. Additionally it is also a natural freshener. It can also be used as a substitute to detergents.

  • You can wipe your cutting boards with lemons to get rid of bad odors.
  • You can also use it to remove soap scums and strains from your tiles or furniture.
  • For cleaning your microwave, dilute 3 tbsp. of lemon juice with 400 ml of water and place the mixture into the oven for ten minutes in high temperature. It will be completely clean afterwards.


This is a universal cleanser to have at home. You can use it to remove stale patches and calcium stains. If you are repellant to the smell of vinegar, you can add some drops of lavender or any essential oil into it.

Vinegar could be an excellent substitute for mirror cleansers, floor cleaning washes, and for any household cleaning.

  • Dilute a tsp. of vinegar into a liter of water. Pour this mixture in your spray bottle and use it for cleaning your household surfaces like windows, sanitary wares, tiles, etc.
  • For hard tiles stain, you can apply vinegar on it for 10 minutes and wash it off with water.
  • The lime scale in your kitchen sink can be washed off with placing hot vinegar for half an hour on the surface. Clean it afterwards with ordinary soap.

Baking soda

Baking soda has abrasive properties that can help you in cleaning your household surfaces. You can use it for cleaning carpets.

Just sprinkle a layer of baking soda and using a brush, rub it well. Then vacuum your carpet as usual.  You will get rid of all the dirt.

Mustard powder

Mustard powder is an oil-repellent and can be used for cleaning cooking pans. Even the oiliest pan can shine well by cleaning with mustard powder.

  • Make a paste of 1 tsp. of mustard powder and water and apply it to your oil pans or greasy dishes. It works best than any commercial cleaner
  • You can also deodorize your smelly kitchen jars by washing them with mustard powder and water mixture.


This common ingredient will never hurt your wallet, but has amazing cleaning uses. You can use it in plenty of ways for your bath, sanitary ware, kitchen items, etc. it is an excellent stain remover and disinfectant.

  • Applying diluted salt water on your fridge doors can help in getting rid of unpleasant smell.
  • Kitchens washcloths and sponges can be cleaned with soaking in salt water for some time and then washed off.
  • For cleaning wool rugs, you can sprinkle salt water and vacuum it.

Olive oil

This would be a quite good option that can be used for polishing your expensive furniture and leather surfaces. Just a few drops of olive oil on your cotton cloth can polish and clean your wooden and leather surfaces. It will also prevent leather items from getting cracked.


It has abrasive qualities and can be used for cleaning any surface for removing stains.

  • You can use a good amount of toothpaste for your silverwares and artificial jewelry to get the shine back.
  • Also it helps in removing ink and makeup stains from any surface. Just apply generous amount of toothpaste on the stain and leave it to dry. And wash off with water.

Try all of these simple everyday home cleaning ideas for your household, using the readily available ingredients.


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