Beauty Tips to Follow during Summer

The scorching sun can have its effect on your body and beauty regime. Know how to tackle the hot weather, without sacrificing your beauty routine. You cannot avoid going out but you can follow certain tips that will help you keep yourself fresh and beautiful all day. Here are few of the tips that need to be handled during the hot summer weather. These  Beauty Tips to Follow during Summer days will save your time and effort, to the most, the beauty of your skin and your makeup.

Put on ice before you apply make-up

This ice cubes trick will help a lot in summer weather. Once you keep on rubbing ice all over the face before applying makeup, it will tighten your skin and close the pores.  This will provide a smoother makeup base.

Reduce oily products

Summer weather will even make the normal skinned people a bit oily. So take less of oil formulated products. Use hydrated oil-free products instead to look greasier.

Lighten your costumes

Summer is not the right time to wear heavy cosmetics and full-coverage foundations. Go for light, tinted moisturizers instead.

Use sunscreen

Sunscreen is a must for summer time. In order to keep your skin from the harmful UV rays, it acts as a protective layer.

Use a primer

During summer times, there is possibility for your make up to get affected. A primer will help. Always use a primer before your make up in summer times. This will let your makeup stay for a long time. Also, do not forget to moisturize your skin well and then apply the primer.

Use waterproof cosmetics

As summer is prone to get you into sweat and dust, always go for waterproof products. You will not find your beauty products running on your face in the hot days.

Have a blotting paper

For those oily and combination skin people, a blotting paper is a must. The summer weather can make your T-zone get blotted with oil soon. This is a great beauty secret during summer. Just a quick press of the paper can eliminate all the shiny stuff.

Avoid liquid makeup

Similar to oily products, Liquid makeups and cream-based products can also be a not advisable one. As temperature rises, it can run on your faces, if oily or combination skinned.

Apply lip balm to protect your pout

Your lips need the care too. It is important to protect your pout with lip balms having SPF 30 or higher. Since the weather can dry your skin, apply lip balm before your lipstick. It will reduce the impact of sun rays and prevent flare-ups and sores.

Get a high hairstyle

Opt for a simple high hairstyle this summer. Braids and pony tails will do the best in keeping your hair off the neck. This will help you in keeping your locks in place. Cropping your hair short can also help to eliminate the mess of long hair during summers.

Defend Your Tresses

Since the hair is the first thing that gets exposed to sun, you need to take care in defending your valuable tresses. Use a hat to protect your scalp or use heat protectant sprays or serums for your hair. Also you can use hair masks once in a week to keep them nourished and hydrated.

Drink Up!

Beauty always starts from within. Drink lots of water and juices to keep your body hydrated. This will surely reflect on your skin.

Treat sunburns

Sunburns are common skin issue during summer. You can use ice water or aloe vera gel to soothe the part and alleviate redness or swelling.


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