Best Remedy for Sun Tanning

Sun Tanning is a common problem for many. Particularly, in a country where there is high level of heat and sun exposure, it is essential to keep sunburns and sun tanning at bay. There are many beauty products available over the stores to help preventing and protecting sun tanned skin. But, a simple home remedy can make a lot difference. Moreover, it can be an effective, safe way to help protect our skin.

Here we have a simple remedy for sun tanning that works wonders on skin.


Wheat Flour: 4 Tbsp

Rice Flour: 1 Tbsp

1 Big Tomato Pulp

Milk – as required

Directions to Use:

  1. Take a clean bowl and mix wheat flour and rice flour together.
  2. Then, squeeze the tomato and take the pulp juice
  3. Use milk as required and make a thick paste
  4. Apply it on face or any tanned region and scrub it for few minutes.
  5. Leave it to dry for 5 minutes

This can be used mainly for skin tanned regions in hand, neck, and foot. You can also use it for face if required. Use the tomato pulp with the seeds and not the skin of it. The seeds actually act as a scrubbing agent to bring out the tan from the skin. Your skin turns to have an even tone after using it.

This can be used weekly twice and you can see visible results immediately after the firs use.



Source: Google Images

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