Benefits of Hair Steaming

Traditionally, there was a practice in Indian houses regarding steaming the hair. It was usually done once a week as a regular hair routine. Though not many are aware of the real reason behind this traditional practice, it surely brings a difference to the hair. The steam surely has an effect on hair. Even I have seen my grandmother doing hair steaming with Frankincense in my native place. They even do it for infants after bath. There are so many reasons why those ancient people added hair steaming to their hair regimen. Know about the benefits of hair steaming and how it promotes hair health.

What happens when you Steam Your Hair

Hair steaming provides a humid environment for your scalp, so that your tresses get the right moisturization. The natural dry air around can strip off the hair moisture after shower. Hair steaming is especially beneficial in winter time and in those places where you have very dry weather. Steaming helps in replenishing your hair strands from the everyday wear and tear. It is not a time-consuming routine and so can be done occasionally or even every day. Once you start practicing hair steaming, you are sure to see the steam effect on your hair. Preferably, you can do hair steaming for up to 30 minutes, but not more than that.

Benefits of Hair Steaming.

  • Hair steaming helps in increasing the moisture retention for the hair. Restoring the hair moisture is crucial for healthy strands and beautiful tresses.
  • Do you need to define your hair strands naturally? Hair steaming is the best bet. It can enhance and boost your curls to reshape without changing the hair texture.
  • Hair Steaming can also strengthen your hair roots by increasing its elasticity. Strengthened hair will provide efficient styling and increase hair length.
  • Steaming refreshes and rejuvenates your hair. It provides a spa like experience during winter times and humid weathers.
  • Steaming provides a second session of re-moisturization to hair after shower.
  • The important part of hair steaming is that it helps in opening the hair cuticles. Steaming before deep conditioning spa treatments can help in nourishing the hair better. Since the cuticles are opened, the warm vapor facilitates in setting the conditioner nutrients into the hair.
  • Steaming increases hair stretching and manageability. It becomes easier to detangle your hair after a hot steam effect.
  • Last but not the least. Hair steaming promotes hair growth. Not exactly. But to some extent, it replenishes damaged hair strands. Moreover it promotes natural scalp oil flow and moisturizes it.

So why not try hair steaming regularly. You can buy a hair steamer easily in the market. Try out the hair steaming and see your hair looking different/better. Share us your thoughts as well.


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