Does your Child do Bedwetting? Here are few Solutions

Bedwetting can be a frustrating problem for many parents. Though it is a common issue in most households, it still counts as a responsibility of parenting. Most infants and small children unknowingly pass urine while sleeping. This tendency matures in their growth process when the brain signals full bladder. An average age for bedwetting in children is up to six years, and anything above that age has to be treated.

It is a common notion that children do bedwetting on purpose or out of laziness. But this is not the actual case. Some children can be deep sleepers, irresponsive to bladder signals. But in most cases, it can occur because of delayed bladder maturation, small bladder, excessive urine production, UTI (urinary tract infections), stress, or even a hormone imbalance. Also, it could be an inherited problem.


Cinnamon is one among the simplest home remedies for bedwetting problem. This spice is believed to keep the body warm.

Have your kid chew a piece of cinnamon stick daily.
You can also combine the cinnamon powder with jaggery for sprinkling on buttered toast. This can be given to the child for breakfast.


Honey is also an excellent remedy. Opt for raw honey to reap out the benefits. Since children like the taste of honey, it would be easy to make them eat.

Give the child one teaspoon full of raw honey daily on empty stomach and before going to bed.
If preferred, you can also add honey to milk or any of their breakfast dishes.

Indian Gooseberry

Amla or Indian Gooseberry is an excellent Ayurvedic remedy for bedwetting.

Take two Indian gooseberries and deseed it. Crush them and add a pinch of turmeric and one tablespoon of honey. Have your child take this mixture every morning.

Alternatively, you can mix the pulp of Amla with a pinch of black pepper powder. Let your child take a teaspoon of this mixture every day.

Bladder Exercises

Simple bladder exercises can help stretch the abdomen muscles. It controls the release of urine and helps increase bladder capacity. Some muscle-strengthening and bladder-stretching exercises are considered good for bladder control.

Muscle-strengthening exercises involve tightening of the pelvic muscles. Ask your child to hold in the position of tightening for 5 to 10 seconds, and then rest for the next five seconds. This simple bladder exercise should be repeated for 10 times continuously and can be done thrice a day.

Make your child practice to hold off urination until going to the bathroom. This will help in preventing accidental daytime wetting. It will also help in practicing for nighttime bedwetting. However, make sure not to hold on the bladder as it can lead to urinary tract infections.

Mustard Seeds

Mustard seeds are good for the strengthening of abdomen muscles. It is also good for those suffering from urinary tract infection and the consequent bedwetting.

Add one-half teaspoon of dried mustard seed powder to one cup of warm milk. Let the child drink it at night before going to bed.

A Word for Care

  • You can also use some abdomen massage with olive oil to stimulate the abdomen muscles.
  • Anxiety and stress can worsen the bedwetting issue. So support your child and keep them relaxed.
  • Plan your child’s routine such that he empties the bladder every time when going out or going to bed.
  • Treat constipation problems, if any. Chronic constipation can make bowel muscles dysfunctional.


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