Coconut Oil helps Slowdown Ageing Process – New Research Study Reveals

No more is a high-fat diet bad. As known by many, Coconut Oil is said to have high level of fat content in it. The recent research has concluded that it can help slowdown the ageing process, particularly the brain ageing. This groundbreaking discovery can shed new insight into further revealing of this study.

After the research, it is good to mention that eating food rich in fat content can help the brain ageing process. Coconut oil is found to combat against hearing loss and other nervous related disorders. The findings of the research were recently published in Cell Metabolism journal. Scientists from the Centre for Healthy Aging, University of Copenhagen, have carried out this research with mice. When given with rich coconut oil diet, it indicated prominent improvements in overall brain functioning. The Cockayne syndrome in mice is a rare congenital disorder which is found to get improved after the high-fat coconut oil diet. This disorder is manifested with premature ageing, which leads to growth failure ultimately. The same result is expected among humans too.

This breakthrough research reveals the importance of coconut oil in brain development and ageing. If this research is concluded for humans, it would possibly help in developing impaired nervous system in humans. This discovery is expected to bring significant changes in treating children with premature ageing. Particularly, of neurodegenerative diseases like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s that affect children can be treated with its benefits.

The system of human cells in brain requires a substantial quantity of sugar to function effectively. However, this function can also run on similar substances like ketones, which is actually a back-up storage resource in brains. What happens with the coconut oil diet is that the ingredients in coconut oil and other high-fat foods help the brain to get its necessary sugar supplement. Furthermore it aids in producing ketones as well. This conversion of extra-energy by the coconut oil is what helps the brain functioning and consequently minimizes the effects of ageing process.

The study has proved to slow the ageing process, as the cell repair mechanism is not affected. This is because of the increased fat supply to the brains. A diet with coconut oil or any high-fat can bring beneficial effect on the brain cells, thus minimizing its natural ageing or damage.


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