Lung Cleanse at Home in 3 Days

Lung Cleanse at Home in 3 DaysBecause of the pollution and other reasons, you are sure to harm your lungs in the long run. There are simple ways in which you can do lung cleanse at home. That too, in just 3 days? Amazed!!! Read ahead to know more about the lung cleanse.

For people who smoke and others who are allergic to dust and pollution, a lung cleanse is a must. You can go for lungs cleanse that helps to detox the lungs easily from home.

Preps for Lung cleanse

First of all, there are certain preps you need to follow before starting on this lung cleanse.

You need to stop eating all dairy products 2 days before the cleanse. Milk, tea, curd, cheese, butter and everything related to dairy products. Be sure to do this as it will help in removing the toxins from the body.

Before starting the diet, have a cup of black tea or any herbal tea after dinner on the day before the lung cleanse. This will help in flushing out the toxins from the body.

Also during the lung cleanse, your body requires ample rest. So be sure not to do any hard tasks or workouts.

Daily routine for 3 days Lung Cleanse

Take two lemons and squeeze them in 300ml of water. Drink this lemon juice before breakfast in empty stomach.

After one hour gap, drink a 300ml of grapefruit juice. You can alternate it with pineapple juice. Remember not to add water to the juices. Do not mix sugar in both the drinks. Grapefruit and pineapple has rich antioxidant properties that help to clean your lungs.

Before your lunch, have a 300ml of carrot juice. Remember not to add water or sugar. The carrot juice will help in cleansing the blood from acidic to alkaline.

Before going to bed, consume 400ml of cranberry juice. It contains lots of potassium content, which helps in removing bacterial infections from lungs and urinary system. If cranberry is not available, you can drink red grapes or pineapple or orange juice.

Follow this routine all the three days.

  • Moreover, have simple, lightweight diet for all the three days with minimum exercise of 20mins. It helps in removing toxins through sweat. You can also have a 20min hot water bath to get rid of skin toxins.
  • At night, go for face steaming with eucalyptus oil. Do good breathing exercise while steaming as it will help the steam to pass through your lung pathways.
  • When you follow this lung cleanse at home for 3 days, you are sure to get benefit from asthma problems, allergies, and sinus problems. Try it out and share us in the comments.


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