How Detoxing Really Works?

Why do you need to Detoxify your Body?

At some point of exhaustion, everyone feels ‘that’ disgusting feeling within the body. It can be of a heavy feast, a late-night binge, and a Sunday brunch or sometimes for no reason at all. However, tackling those moments needs the body to hit its own ‘reset’ button. And that is what detoxing exactly does.

The process of detoxification promises purification and cleansing of toxins out of the body, rejuvenation and restoring its original state. However, the natural body process does lesser detoxification than what has to be done. This is why a ‘miracle cleanse’ is essential to be introduced for the body to get restored – probably in seven days or less.

Typically, people think detoxification to be linked to liver. It is not wrong though. But, our body is designed to get detoxified through other organs as well. The skin, kidneys, and colon play a major part. While the skin eliminated the toxins through sweat, kidneys and colon filter it and excrete the metabolized toxins through other forms of waste out of the body. When any of these ‘exit doors’ are blocked, it causes the toxins to get back to the body system. This is why, when detoxifying, you need to intake more amount of fiber and water that would aid flushing out these toxins from your system.

Detoxification, actually, is a nutrient-dependent process. Doing it in a wrong way can cause more harm than good. The popular juice-based or starvation-geared cleansing substitutes are found to be lacking the required nutrients.

Detoxing is a three-phase process. In phase I, the liver screens and transforms the body molecules into harmless, biodegradable substances. The phase II involves the second breakdown of body components to molecules like glutathione, glycine, and sulfate. The byproduct of this process can form the free radicals, which can be neutralized with a healthy antioxidant diet. The phase III involves the colon and kidneys, flushing the excretions out of the body.

The greatest misconception regarding detoxification is that you need to starve. But the reality is that you need to eat in order to get your body detoxified properly every single day. When you eat foods that speed up phase I, but lack the nutrients required for phase II, you end up hindering the process itself.


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