DIY Homemade Heat Protectant Spray

Who else does not want a perfect hair day for the special occasion? Unfortunately, the heat styling products can do some real damages to our hair if proper moiturization is not provided. This is why it is essential to use appropriate products for the purpose. Heat protectant sprays are a must for any hairstyles. Even when you blow dry your hair, heat protectant sprays work the best in sealing your hair strands from the heat. However, they are quite expensive and full of chemicals that damage your hair in the long run. But still you can make use of your own ingredients to get the same results. Though it is not possible to be completely chemical-free (as the chemicals like silicones are the ones that protect and add shine to your hair), you can manage to do homemade heat protectants spray with less chemicals. Earlier we made a DIY homemade hair serum, now here is a DIY homemade heat protection spray.

Here am showing you a way in which you can do the best for your hair. This homemade heat protectant spray you can make your hair styling worth.

DIY heat protection spray


Hair conditioner

Grape seed Oil

Coconut oil/almond Oil (optional)

Distilled water

Spray Bottle


The amount required depends on your usage and type of hair. Read ahead to know more about choosing the right ingredients:

Choosing the hair conditioner

You can use your regular hair conditioner. If you do not use one, choose the one that contains Cyclomethicone and Dimethicone, which are the Silicones that protect the hair from heat. Most of the conditioners have these two ingredients. Also, look out for all ingredients that end with -zane, -xane, -cone, or -conol, which are actually silicones. I use L’oreal Intense smooth conditioner since am having a very dry, frizzy hair.

How to Do:
  • Take the spray bottle and fill it three-fourth with distilled water. You can also use boiled and cooled down water.
  • Now add some drops of grape seed oil. This oil has high boiling point and so can be used best for hair styling at high temperatures. It is also light-weight and non-sticky.
  • Optionally, you can add drops of almond oil/coconut oil into the bottle. But only if you are using this spray only for blow dry or styling purposes. For flat irons, coconut oil cannot be a good option as it might not resist high temperature heat. No more than 2-3 drops is advisable, or else your hair will look greasy.
  • Take a dime sized amount of conditioner and add it to the mixture. This will give the needed heat protection and shine to your hair. Do not add more conditioner, or else it will start to lather in water.
  • Optionally, you can use any serum, if you prefer to add some gloss and volume to your hair after styling.
  • Now fill the spray bottle with remaining water.
  • Shake it well until all the ingredients mix together. It might lather up little because of the conditioner, but do not worry. It will settle down to a milky mixture.

Use this heat protectant spray on hair before styling. Start blow drying or flat ironing your hair, as usual.

With this homemade heat protectant spray, you can adjust the protectant spray in the way your hair needs it. For oily hair beauties, you can reduce the oil in the spray. For dry ones, increase the oil by 1-2 drops. Similarly, for frizzy hair, you can choose a frizz-free conditioner or a leave-in serum.

Do try this for your hair styling routine and drop us your comments below.


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