DIY Homemade Herbal Hair Shampoo

Hair fall is one major concern for many. In order to reduce hair fall, we need to keep ourself away from chemical substances and heat products that harm the hair. We have to practice hair care through natural ways, one of which is washing our hair using herbal hair shampoo regularly. Using herbal based shampoo, helps to increase hair growth. There are many herbal and organic shampoos available in the market for hair problems. We can use those shampoos. However, we can also make our own herbal hair shampoo at home itself using some simple herbal ingredients. This homemade herbal hair shampoo will be chemical free, so comparing to other shampoo we can use it frequently to our hair.

Here is a simple DIY homemade herbal hair shampoo recipe, that helps to improve hair growth. It contains lots of herbal ingredients like curry leaves, shikakai, and reetha, which helps to protect our hair from damaging. Also, the lemon peels help to protect our hair from dandruff. Hibiscus flower and leaves help in making our hair more softer and smoother.

Homemade Herbal Hair Shampoo


Sikkakai – 1kg

Hibiscus flowers – 1 cup

Curry leaves – 1 cup

Soap nuts – 100g

Fenugreek – 250g

Green gram – 250g

Dried lemon peels – 10

How to make homemade herbal hair shampoo

Take all the above ingredients, dry everything under the sun for 1 day then take it to the flour grind mill and grind it into a fine powder.

Alternatively, these ingredients are readily available in the herbal stores in the form of powder. We can also buy those powders from the herbal stores separately, and mix it together and use. Keep this powder in an air tight container. This will come for more than a month.

How to apply

  • Take 3 tbsp of this herbal shampoo powder, mix little water into it to form fine paste.
  • Then cook this on low flame until it becomes thick paste consistency.
  • Switch off the flame and allow it to cool.
  • Wet your hair thoroughly before applying this herbal shampoo.
  • Apply this paste all over your head and hair.
  • Gently massage your scalp.
  • Soak it for 1- 2 minutes.
  • Then wash it will lukewarm water.
  • We have to heat this paste to avoid the sikkakai from sticking to your scalp.
  • We can use this herbal hair shampoo twice in a weekly.

Try this herbal hair shampoo at home and share your feedback in the comment bar.


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