Traditional Beauty Secrets Everyone Must Know – Hair Care

Indian traditional beauty secrets are amazing. There are lots of beauty ingredients our ancestors have left us from nature. Not many of us are aware of the healthy and beautiful hair our ancient women had. This was achieved not through any chemical process or ingredient but solely from natural methods. Why not try the same now? Here we have few traditional beauty secrets for hair care that works wonders on your hair.

The Magic of Gooseberries

Gooseberries are one of the best ingredients for hair. Adding some fresh gooseberries to the diet can help you get thick and black hair. Gooseberries contain vitamin C along with lot other nutrients. You can also use gooseberries for hair as a topical application. Applying Amla powder pack to hair will help fight dandruff and reduce hair fall.

Carrots for Greying Hair

Grandma says that drinking carrot juice every day can help you prevent premature graying. It has a plethora of nutrients (essential vitamins and minerals) that nourishes the hair and body. Carrots stimulate blood circulation and give a lustrous looking hair with smooth texture. It also prevents hair breakage and hair fall.

Blend 1-2 carrots with coconut oil and curd. Apply the mixture on hair and rinse after 1 hour.

Henna for Natural Conditioning and Coloring

This one is an age-old ingredient used by many. Henna has excellent hair care benefits that make it a conditioning agent for hair. When used as a hair dye, henna reduces hair fall and makes your hair free from any harsh chemicals on artificial hair dye. Moreover, it cools down the scalp and conditions the hair. It also helps prevent dandruff and other scalp problems.

Mix 1/4 cup of henna powder with some brewed coffee/tea. Add lemon juice and any essential oil of your choice, if preferred. Apply it on hair and wash as usual.

Coconut Oil for deep-conditioning

This versatile oil is one of the best beauty multi-tasker. Then and now, the craze for coconut oil has never faded. Coconut oil deep conditions the hair and nourishes it from the scalp. Since it has antibacterial and antifungal properties, it cures and prevents any scalp problems. This is one of the best at-home deep conditioning treatments that leave with a strong, silky long hair.

Just heat 1-2 tbsp. of coconut oil and apply it all over the scalp and lengths of the hair. It is best to leave it overnight so that the oil gets deep into the scalp and gets absorbed by the hair. Wash the hair, as usual, the next day with mild shampoo.

Shikakai for Hair Cleanse

Shikakai has been used for centuries for hair and scalp. This is an amazing natural hair care ingredient, which promotes hair growth, adds shine and overall benefits hair health. There are different ways you can use shikakai for hair – hair pack, shampoo, hair rinse and more. The anti-fungal properties in shikakai help prevent dandruff, scalp itching, and dryness. Since it strengthens the hair roots, you get stronger and healthier hair with less hair fall. Shikakai is also known to remove hair lice. To know how to make Herbal hair shampoo with Shikakai, check out this post.

Now that, you have known the traditional hair care secrets and its advantages, you can start using these ingredients into your routine. No doubt, what once was considered old-fashioned and traditional is now getting recognition.


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