Effects of Hair Dandruff on Face and Skin

We know dandruff can be an embarrassing scalp condition. It irritates and makes your scalp skin dry. However, dandruff is not limited to hair alone; you can find its side effects on your skin as well. Since your face is next to the scalp, it gets affected a lot. You get dandruff spread across your eye brows and eye lashes as well in the form of flakes. These dry skin flakes are said to be facial dandruff, as it is just the extension of hair dandruff. There are ways in which you can treat these effects of hair dandruff on face.

What are Skin Flakes?

The effects of hair dandruff on face skin are particularly prone to dry or oily skin. The oily parts of the skin get greasy and reddish symptoms while the dry skin get scaly skin surface. Usually, the parts between the eyebrows and T-zone are mostly affected. As a result, you get flacky skin. Your skin also gets inflamed because of the dandruff infection. This flakes can extend to your upper back as well as chest regions.

Itchy pimples are also yet another skin condition caused due to dandruff. It might occur in hairline, neck, upper back and chest. Itchy pimples appear as a crusty, red skin along the ears region.

Dandruff treatment

You have to do the right dandruff treatment at the early stages or else it can lead to many others problems like these side effects. The scaly skin condition and flakes can spread to mid-eyebrow, forehead,  corners and sides of the nose and chin. There are so many effective home treatments for dandruff.

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A Word for Care

Most of the time the skin becomes sensitive in dandruff region and so gentle care is needed.

  • Do not use harsh soaps. Also frequent washing of hair and skin region can cause more irritation.
  • Also using acne and anti-aging products will cause inflammation in the affected areas.
  • Usually we use moisturizers on the flakes and scaly skin, but this will not help as it is not dried skin.
  • Always use mild products that cause no irritation on the skin.
  • You can use  sulfa antibiotic cleansers and pyrithione zinc soaps for controlling dandruff caused side effects on skin.
  • You can also use non soap cleansers for cleaning your face daily.

If the problem persists longer, try to get the right treatment for skin problem through consulting a dermatologist. You have to first take the right dandruff treatment for the face problems to reduce.


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