10 Interesting Facts about Hair

Our hair is something which you can never ever imagine without.  It adds beauty to your face. So many people have mentioned that their hair is what makes them look more beautiful and sexier. On average, it is said that most of the women found their self-image and sense of beauty with hair. A perfect hairstyle can completely change your style and makeover. It is one of the body parts that we pamper many times a day. Though we spend hours with it, do we really know all about hair? Certainly not. Here are few interesting facts about hair.

Interesting Facts about Hair

Your genes determine the length, texture, and color of your hair. Presence of a pigment from melanocyte cells called eumelanin and pheomelanin pigments determine your hair color. On aging, these cells decay, causing the appearance of grey hair. Red hair is the rarest hair on earth. Only 1% of the population in the world has red hair.


A single strand of human hair can support around 100gms of weight. Interestingly, there is a report about an Indian guy pulling a 10 ton huge truck with his hair for a length of 50 yards. Isn’t this amazingly unbelievable?


Hair is the second fastest growing organ after your bone marrow. Human hair grows around half an inch per month and with right healthy lifestyle and diet, you can increase it to some extent. Know that it takes 3 years to get a shoulder-length hair and 7 years for reaching waist-length. Moreover, your hair grows much faster in warm weather than in cold. This is because heat tends to stimulate blood circulation and hair growth.


Male hair and female hair are nearly impossible to be identified by its structure. You will need a genetic test to sort out the DNA from it. Men lose around 40 hair per day while women, 70 hairs. Most of the hair loss occurs during routine activities of grooming.


Do you know what you hair is made of? It contains 50 percent of carbon, 21 percent of oxygen, 17 percent of nitrogen, 6 percent of hydrogen, and 5 percent of sulphur. Dark hairs have more amount of carbon than blonde hair.


Wet hair can stretch to a maximum of 30 percent its original length. But, to make it that much stretchable, it has to be healthy enough. This is why most of the hair styling is done on wet hair or damping it with styling sprays.


A single hair strand has a life time of 5 years. Do you know why only the end part of your hair is always seen damaged? It is because that part is actually much older than rest of the strand. This is the reason for split ends, and the essential need of trimming your hair frequently. The scientific or medical term for split ends in hair is “trichoptilosis”.


Bust the hair myths. Combing hair is always better than brushing your hair. Similarly it is no were proved that cutting your hair makes it grow faster or change the texture. It does nothing other than removing the damaged hair strands.


A fetus developed all the hair follicles by week 22. At birth, a baby has around 2-3 million hair follicles. One million are visible at birth, while the remaining resides under the scalp. A human scalp does not develop any hair follicles after that. Can you imagine how much your hair is important?


Most of the dandruff shampoo does coat your hair with wax other than removing the dandruff. Will you ever be careful when opting for dandruff shampoos? Moreover, your hair scalp will get used to the chemicals of dandruff shampoos after few months of usage. This is why it is necessary to change shampoos often.


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