Homemade Multi grain Health Mix


There are so many branded healthy drinks available in the market, specified for different ages and for different needs. However, preparing health drinks right from home ingredients can be the best option to consider. The primary reason is that when made at home, it is very hygienic and safe for everyone. Moreover, unlike the packaged drink mix, where you need to peep into the cartons for the ingredients list, but still you are always left skeptical about the exact things put into the mix. When it comes to homemade mix, you know exactly what is put in, how it is made, and what are the benefits of it.

Here we have a multi-grain health drink mix that can be prepared right at home.  This health drink is made from multi-grains and so are very beneficial to health in terms of its nutrient value.

How to prepare the Mix:

To roast and grind:

Ragi / Finger millet/ ராகி – 1/4kg

Wheat / கோதுமை- 1/4kg

Green gram/Mung bean (பச்சை பாசிபயறு) – 1/4kg

To grind:

Roasted gram / பொட்டு கடலை- 1/4kg

Barley rice / வாற்கோதுமை/பார்லி அரிசி- 200g

grind the above ingredients using grain milling machine, instead of using home mixer, as it will not get the fine consistency at home.

To powder:

Dry ginger / சுக்கு – 50g (powder it and filter it)

Since ginger could not be sent to the milling machine, it is preferable to powder it at home and sieve to get a fine powdered consistency.

Direction to prepare:

  1. Dry roast all the ingredients in the roasting list separately one by one in a pan. Remember to roast them with out burning it.
  2. Now mix it with ingredients under to grinding list. As mentioned, it is preferable to grind them using milling machine rather than home mixer grinder.
  3. Finally,  add the dry ginger powder into the ground powder.
  4. Now you can keep this Health mix in an airtight container and use it regularly.

How to make the Multi grain Health Porridge:

To make one bowl of multi grain porridge, take 2 tbsp of multi grain powder and mix it with 1 cup water to make thin paste. Add this mixer into a boiling water and keep stirring until it comes to a porridge consistency. Then add sugar or palm sugar for desired sweetness.

This health drink can be used by anyone to get the energy for the day. Most probably it is used by weight-loss dieters, who need some extra energy for their everyday chores, without messing up with their health diet or weight loss diet. Since the health mix is home made and is full of whole grains, it is an excellent substitute for health drinks for people of all ages. Try it out and share your feedbacks.

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