How to Protect from Sun Damage without Sunscreen

protect from sun damageThe life-giving properties of sun rays are inevitable for human life. The sun provides the much needed Vitamin D for our body. It promotes bone health and immunity. On the other hand, there are also some adverse effects of sun rays. Too much of sun exposure can affect skin elasticity and functioning. It is quite a hard time for people in tropical region to combat sun damage. Because of the UV rays, our skin might get more damaged. Usually, we use sunscreens to keep our skin protected from sun damage. Do you know there are some ways to protect skin from sun damage even without any sunscreen lotions? Yes, you have to start your sun protection from your diet. Here are few of the ideas to follow for natural sun protection.

Turmeric and Ginger

Both turmeric and ginger has numerous effects on skin health. They contain powerful antioxidants that combat sun damage. Moreover, the soothing properties of these can help protect skin when applied topically. You can also take them orally in your regular diet for added benefits. The extracts of turmeric and ginger help in encouraging the production of Thioredoxin 1 in body.  This is an antioxidant and protein which guards against harmful sun rays.

White tea

UV rays activate body enzymes such as collagenase and elastase, which degrades the skin’s collagen. This can be neutralized with white tea. White tea is a less processed tea with higher degree of antioxidants than black tea. It provides more protection against sun-induced oxidation.


Tomatoes contain lycopene, which is a compound that has the ability to protect against body’s free radicals caused by sun exposure. Compared to raw tomatoes, organic tomato pastes contain high level of this compound. It also contains Vitamin C, which shields body from damage.


Herb extracts can be supplement as natural compounds for protecting skin. You can use primrose oil, which contains essential fatty acids for aiding skin repair. It also inhibits the skin enzymes from breaking down collagen. Supplements of Vitamin C can help in fighting free radicals and skin damage. Antioxidant supplements such as Resveratrol and Pomegranate extract can protect against UV-induced oxidation and photoaging.

Similarly, moisturize your skin with olive oil or coconut oil can protect enhanced protection due to antioxidant content. You can also protect skin through other effective habits such as using reflective clothing, minimizing the sun exposure to not more than 30 minutes and by wearing a hat to protect from sun. Keep your skin away from overexposure and protect it from any damage.


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