Do you know the Effects of Cholesterol on Body

effects of body cholesterolCholesterol is one substance in the body that has innumerable links to different body systems and health issues. One has to be very careful in maintaining a healthy cholesterol level. Have you ever wondered what does this substance does to your body? Here goes the answer.

Everyone might be aware of the fact that high level of cholesterol in blood can intervene with the blood flow all throughout the body. As known to be an essential substance for human body, cholesterol is supplied by the body itself through a natural process. Liver is the manufacturing factory of cholesterol, even though we get a part of it through our diet. It is found that only less than 25 percent of body cholesterol is obtained through our food consumption. The acquired cholesterol is distributed to all other parts of the body. Along with the good cholesterol, you also have bad cholesterol in the body that makes it a trouble. However, the bad cholesterol is sent back to the liver for purification by the bloodstream. Nevertheless, when the bad outnumbers the good, you get various health problems such as blockage in blood flow, gall bladder stones, heart attack risks, and many more.

It has to be noted that our bodies require healthy cholesterol levels to function properly. The cholesterol is one fatty substance that helps our bodies in absorption of fat-soluble vitamins from our food. It acts as a precursor in aiding the synthesis of vitamin D and several steroid hormones like cortisol, aldosterone, progesterone, and estrogens. It is important for bile production, without which digestion could not be possible. It also helps in maintaining cell membranes and so being an antioxidant, it aids in body metabolism and production of energy.

On the contrary, high levels of cholesterol can adversely affect the body. The foremost problem is the bile imbalance that results in troublesome fat digestion and vitamin absorption. This would certainly lead to problems in blood flow and blockage.

People with high cholesterol levels are not easily identifiable as there are less obvious symptoms. It is advisable to take blood test to analyze your level of cholesterol. In order to keep the cholesterol levels in control, one has to maintain right dietary changes, exercise, and targeted mediations, which would reduce the risks.


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