7 Easy Ways to Stop Snoring

More than 40 percent of normal adults snore occasionally. Snoring is usually a rattling/snorting sound accompanied with breath while in deep sleep. This abnormal sound is caused by the vibration of the airway passage at the back side of your nose, mouth, and throat while breathing in sleep. It occurs because of the blockage in the airways tissue. Snoring can be a sleep disturbance, mostly for the co-sleeper than the snorer. There are few ways in which can stop snoring.

Change Position

Usually the position in which we sleep causes snoring. Changing the sleep position, benefits to stop snoring. Lying on your back causes the tongue to collapse against the throat, causing snoring. To avoid this, you can sleep on your side. This prevents your tongue from blocking the airway during sleep. If you are worried about turning back to the original position, you can also use pillows to prevent rolling back during night.

Weight loss

Not all obese people are prone to snoring. But many do. Overweight can increase the neck circumference, causing the fat to block the throat. This will worsen snoring in the course of time. Exercising and weight loss can help a lot to stop snoring. If you did not snore before weight gain then, weight loss can help.

Limit Alcohol and Smoking

Habits like alcohol and smoking has its toll on snoring. Drinking alcohol will relax the airway throat muscles and worsen snoring. Similarly smoking can also cause inflammation or nasal congestion that worsens snoring. Limiting alcohol consumption and smoking habit can reduce snoring as well as improve overall health.

Avoid Open Mouth Sleeping

Open mouth sleeping can also cause snoring. When you are snoring with your mouth open, then it is preferable to keep it closed. You can practice it to get it a habit. Get help from your beloveds to get rid of this habit. You can also use some kind of tapes to keep your mouth closed during sleep.


Some of the medications like Sedatives or sleeping pills, anti-histamines can cause snoring. These medications have a relaxing effect on throat and will worsen snoring. If you are disturbed or frustrated with snoring consult your doctors with the prescription.

 Change Pillows

Often using a higher pillow can help relax the throat muscles. But also it can bring neck pain on longtime usage. So beware. Another reason could be that your pillow can have dust and allergens. This might also be the reason for snoring. Dust them off and relax with good hygienic ones.

Practice Good Sleep Hygiene

You have to stop poor sleep habits such as long night awake, late night drinking, late night entertainment, etc. all of these can affect your sleep hygiene and cause snoring. When you are overtired, you sleep hard, making the muscles become floppier. This creates snoring. So, make sure to avoid these behaviors and practice good sleep routine/hygiene.


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