How to Maintain Bone Strength after 30

It is a fact that we lose our bone strength upon aging. Though there are various reasons for bone loss, age factor is an unavoidable one. After 30, it is possible for our bones to become porous and damaged. This phenomenon of bone loss might lead to osteoporosis and other troubles. However, the good news is bone loss is not a natural process and there are plenty of ways in which you can keep your bones strong and healthy.

Keeping your bones strong for your age is important. Particularly, for women, bone problems are much common and it is essential to keep an eye on your lifestyle and food routine to maintain Bone Strength after 30.

Bone Problems

Osteoporosis is one among the bone problems, which is characterized by “porous bones.” Until 30, we have our bones strongest but after that, it begins to lose density. As a result, you can find significant bone loss and symptoms like back pain, change in posture, and more.

What causes Bone Loss

Our human body has the ability to rebuild our bones constantly throughout lifetime. Bones are naturally made up of a protein called collagen and calcium phosphate. While the collagen provides basic framework, the calcium mineral hardens the bone cells. On ageing, we tend to lose more bones than it gets replaced naturally. Moreover, women after menopause are much prone to this change in bone density.

Though bone loss is natural ageing process, not everyone experiences the problem. Apart from gender and physiological factors, hereditary, ethnic, and genetic reasons are also plenty.

Control the Risk of Bone Density Loss

Few common risk factors are smoking, excess drinking, inactive lifestyle, low nutritional diet, lack of calcium and vitamin D, etc.,  Additionally, Corticosteroids, and anti-inflammatory drugs take a toll of bone density loss.

Treating Bone density loss

Several prescribed bone-boosting drugs can treat possible bone density loss issues. It can reduce bone loss and help to build some bone density.

Bone-Building Foods
  • Having calcium-rich foods in your diet can contribute much to bone density treatment and will protect bones.
  • You need to take 3 ½ glass of milk every day after reaching 30.
  • All dairy products have calcium content. However, fresh cheese and yogurt can be of better choices than ice creams or frozen yogurt.
  • Cereals and orange juice have lot of calcium in them.
  • Fish such as tuna, salmon, and herring are rich in vitamin D, and helps in absorbing calcium in the body.
  • Leafy green vegetables provide enough magnesium content and help in maintaining good bone quality.
  • Calcium and vitamin D Fortified foods and drinks can be beneficial. Vitamin D-fortified milk is a best option for calcium supplement.
  • Vitamin K and potassium also has considerable part in boosting bone density. It helps the body to form proteins for healthy bones. Broccoli and spinach have rich Vitamin K in them. You can eat potassium rich foods like sweet potatoes, white skinned potatoes, yogurt and bananas.
Foods to avoid

There are few foods that can sap the calcium in your body. Be careful to minimize salty foods, processed meats and canned soups. Avoid sodium rich foods. Caffeine can also be the culprit that decreases the body’s absorption of calcium. Make sure not to drink more than three cups of coffee per day. Heavy alcohol drinking is a must to be avoided.

Keep your Workouts Moderate

Walking, jogging, yoga, and moderate sports activities can benefit. Use small weights for building stronger bones. Women can have a usual walk for a mile a day to promote better bone reserve.

However, too much of twisting, stretching, and hard workouts can damage the back bone, leading to risk of spinal compression or fractures. Though swimming and bicycling is good exercise routine, they are not much effective for people with low bone density.

Here is a small infographic about how much daily intake of calcium a normal person needs in his lifetime.

calcium intake

calcium intake infograph


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