Natural DIY Hair Serum for Beautiful Hair

Having beautiful tresses is every girl’s dream. natural diy hair serumIn the modern trend, hair serums are indispensable for hair care routine. If you have a frizzy mane, hair serums are something that you cannot avoid. Managing the hair to maintain long and strong strands is possible with quality hair serums. It makes your hair smooth and frizz free. You need to spend a lot for the products in the market. However, the cosmetic products and artificial chemicals damage your hair in the long run. Using hair serums can also make your hair limb because of the chemicals present in it. Here we have an all-natural DIY hair serum that can be beneficial for your hair, at the same time, without damaging it.

Read on below to know more about doing this hair serum recipe at home.

Ingredients for DIY hair serum:

Aloe vera gel – 4 Tbsp (you can use either packaged ones or freshly extracted as per your wish)

Almond oil – 2-3 drops

Coconut oil –2-3 drops

Vitamin E capsule -2

Water – as required

How to Do:

  • Take a clean bowl and put 4 tablespoons of aloe vera gel in it.
  • Add the needed amount of water to whisk it for getting the consistency of a serum. Note that the consistency should be neither thick nor thin.
  • Now Add few drops of almond oil to it and mix well.
  • Add coconut oil also to it. (If you have a very fine or limp hair, you can skip coconut oil or reduce the drops used)
  • After mixing all the ingredients break open the vitamin E capsule and add to the bowl.
  • Empty the contents to a clean bottle and store it for use.

Directions to use:

Take the needed amount of the DIY hair serum on your palm and rub it evenly on your hair ends of the slightly damp hair.

With this effective homemade serum, you can make your tresses look beautiful and healthy in the natural way. Depending on your need and nature of your hair, you can adjust the ingredients. With all the natural ingredients, your hair will not get damaged in any way.


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