Kid’s Potty Training Tips for Parents

potty training tips for parentsMany parents are unsure of the potty training importance for their kids. They mean it to be a cumbersome process. Yes it might be. But the results can give you much freedom when it comes to dealing with your child’s daily potty routine. Trust me; you can do potty training without any much stress. Even with no one around to help you out, you can manage to successfully train off your kid’s potty training. Here we have few simple potty training tips for parents to get the best results.

Know when your Child is ready

It might sounds too hard to be done, but first of all, you have to make sure if your child is ready for the training. You have to choose the right phase of your child to handle the training. If you do it too early, you might get frustrated and need more days for training. Does you kid complain about having unclean, soiled diaper? Then, know that it is the right time to start with. When your kids reach this kind of maturity, he/she is ready for potty training.

Plan for a three-day potty training

As you will need lot of time to focus on your kid’s potty training, make sure to choose some leisure days like the weekends.  Both You and your kid should not have any school or work responsibilities.

Throw out the diapers at least for a while or else, you will get tempted to use it once you feel overwhelmed. This is important for your good to stay the course.

Have enough underwear in stock

As you go through the potty training process, your kid is sure to experience lots of accidental peeing. In that case, you will be needing lots of underwear to change. You must be prepared to have lot in hand.

Do you think why do we need underwear anyway as they are going to get wet on them? No, that’s not the case. You must keep your kids with underwear to make them feel the discomfort of it. This will also help them to practice pulling their underwear down before going to pee.

Here we have a trick: let your kids wear inners with their favorite cartoon/film characters on it. This will be let them admire it and not get wet on them.

Give lots of fluids to drink

Once your kid is ready to start, give them enough fluids for the day. You can choose whatever your kids like – milk, fruit juices, or even just water. This will let them have frequent trips to the restroom, helping them to have more opportunity for practicing potty training. Since they can get on pee anytime, be well prepared to get distracted from your works.

Train to sit on the Potty

Your kid need to learn how to use the potty. Help them sit by their own and train them to do it in the right way. Usually, potty training might be different for both genders. Girls will learn to sit while boys will eventually train themselves by standing. The potty chair needs to be adjusted in the right way. Their legs have to touch the floor with knees apart; this will help in relaxing the pelvic muscles while pooping. Also help them learn to wipe or wash their private after peeing. You can use several tactics to let the kids sit for longer time on the potty. You can let them hear music or scribble on the lid or keep their hands occupied with a toy. You can also allow them to blow bubbles.

Let your kids use bathroom every 15 minutes on the first day to avoid peeing on underwear. For the second day increase the interval to 30 minutes. Know that you are not in trouble if they have frequent bathroom visits. It is essential to practice them.

Give rewards

While potty training, you can give them rewards for successful completion of the training. But make sure not to give them rewards for peeing. That is wrong approach. You need to reward them for keeping themselves dry. This is important. If not, they will not empty their bladder completely with the intention of getting more rewards for peeing. No kid is ever a kid while thinking wily. Reward them for staying dry for longer periods in a day.

Encourage them

Let them know when they stay dry, you are happy and whey they wet, you are disappointed. This will help them to train themselves to please you. But do not get angry. It never helps. When they get an accident, encourage them to learn to be dry next time.

By the end of day three, there will be sure improvements. But do not expect the training to be over. You need to hang on it until your kid gets practiced well. No kid is same. So it depends on your kid’s level of learning and interest in potty training. As a parent, you have to start it at the right time to let your kids do their potty on their own.


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