Turmeric Milk for Health

turmeric milk

We know the benefits of turmeric for beauty. There are so many face packs, ubtans and other ways in which this miracle spice is used for beauty. However, we cannot deny its health benefits. Turmeric has excellent healing and antibacterial properties that benefit our health. There are not so known ways in which you can use this turmeric milk for health. It has the ability to combat many diseases, particularly respiratory illness. Turmeric milk is one of the best instant household remedy for these problems.

How to make Turmeric Milk

You can make turmeric milk in different ways for different problems. If you are using turmeric powder, you can add it to hot milk and drink instantly. However, wild turmeric is always much more beneficial for treating illness as it is not added with any preservatives. Here is how to make turmeric milk with wild turmeric.

Wild turmeric – 1 inch

Milk – 1 cup

  1. Boil the piece of turmeric in milk for around 15 minutes.
  2. Strain out the turmeric remains.
  3. You can serve this milk hot or cold.

The benefits of turmeric milk are many.

  • The anti-inflammatory nature of turmeric prevents stomach ulcers and arthritis problems as well.
  • It is also known to be a natural treatment for headaches, painful aches, and swellings.
  • Turmeric infused milk is a blood purifier and revitalizes the body. It cleanses the lymphatic system from all impurities. It also helps in liver detoxification.
  • For menstrual cramps, turmeric milk is effective, as it has antispasmodic properties. Golden turmeric infused milk helps in post-partum recover as it improves lactation and ovaries contraction for new moms.
  • It also helps in breaking down dietary fat and maintains body weight.
  • The antibacterial properties of this turmeric infused milk helps to alleviate problems like cold, lung congestion, sinuses, asthma, and bronchitis. The spice heats up the body system to provide quick relief to these problems.

Cold is a common problem that arises in every household. Particularly those who have small children, cold is a very common issue that occurs often. Though many medications are prescribed, none can combat cold effectively as turmeric does. Here we have a simple turmeric milk for combating cold. Moreover this turmeric milk has so many other benefits as well.

Turmeric Milk for Cold


Milk – 1 Cup

Turmeric – 1/4 tsp.

Pepper – 1/4 tsp.

Palm Sugar (Panangalkandu) – 1 tsp.

Honey – 1 tsp. (optional)


  1. Take boiled milk in a glass when it is warm
  2. Add turmeric powder, pepper powder, and palm sugar to it.
  3. Add honey if desired.
  4. Mix it well and drink it hot.



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