National Conference on Physical Education (NCPE 2016) – New Delhi

National Conference on Physical Education (NCPE 2016)Time and again, we keep on stressing the importance of exercise for health. Exercise, in general, is a physical activity with effort done to boost up and energize the body. It also helps sustain the body system and improve health and fitness. There is no doubt that both kids and adults benefit from doing regular exercise. Not many are aware of the importance of physical fitness. The health benefits of regular exercising include generating stronger bones and muscles, increasing the body coordination and energy, as well as decreasing risk of developing chronic diseases, particularly, type 2 diabetes.

With the increased awareness about physical fitness, there paves a way for professional fitness training. In that direction, there are so any educational courses available to take on, relating to physical fitness. Physical education is one such course that focuses on developing physical fitness among youth.

Importance of Physical Education

Physical education contributes to the growth and development of young people. Particularly, sportsperson highly regard physical training for its benefits and importance. From an academic perspective, physical education is a course centering on physical fitness and development of one’s ability to perform physical activities without discomfort. Usually, kids are engaged in physical education training in schools. This helps them to develop the skills that are necessary to participate in a wide range of sports activities, such as basketball, swimming, soccer, etc.,. Normally, physical education classes in schools help prepare the children for a physically and mentally active lifestyle to keep them fit and healthy through the adulthood. This is why physical education program and training has become a mandatory in most of the schools. Trained P.E. /P.T teachers evaluate and teach the children the needed physical education and training.

National Conference on Physical Education (NCPE 2016) – New Delhi

Once in a while there are physical education conferences held in various parts of the country. These conferences aim to provide a platform for physical educationists, academicians, sports scientists, physiotherapists, nutritionists, sports coaches, yoga experts, and research scholars to share their knowledge and experience to a wider audience. Such conferences target on the promotion of sports and physical education in order to create healthy awareness for physically active lifestyle.  This year, the National Conference on Physical Education is held in Delhi. If you are one of the physical education trainer, you can make use of the opportunity.

Information about the National Conference on Physical Education (NCPE 2016)

Physical Education Foundation of India (PEFI) is organizing the 3rd National Conference on Physical Education (NCPE 2016). PEFI is a non-governmental organization aiming to develop physical education in India. The theme for the conference is “Physical Education & Sports Sciences: Prescription for Healthy Life Style”. The conference is conducted for two days in December, 2016 in New Delhi. This conference is sponsored by the Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports (Government of India), New Delhi.

Date: Fri, Dec 16, 2016 to Sat, Dec 17, 2016

Time: 09:00 AM (IST)

Venue: The Bharat Scouts & Guides, (National Head Quarter) Lakshmi Majumdaar Bhawan, 16, MG Marg, I.P. Estate, Near ITO, New Delhi -2

Important Dates to Note:

  1. Last date for submitting abstract : 1st November 2016
  2. Last date for submitting Full Paper : 15th November 2016
  3. Conference Date : 16-17 December 2016
  4. Last date for Registration : 30th November 2016

How the Register for the Event?

Registering for this National Conference on Physical Education (NCPE 2016) can be made through the goeventz portal.

Click here to register.

You can book your tickets online through the portal, in respect to the category you belong. The event ticket categories are Indian Delegate, Local Delegate/PEFI Members, Student Delegate/Research Scholars, and Foreign Delegate.

The registration includes conference kit proceeding book, free lunch and tea.

Soon after registering, you will receive the details through mail or mobile. If you want to know further details regarding the event, you can visit Goeventz.

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